This student shows the best way to disrupt anti-abortion events on campus

He is ballsy af

A male student has shown the world by far the best way to disrupt those shitty anti-abortion events on campus.

In a video that deserves to be seen by millions, University of Cincinnati student Cole Weirich approached an anti-abortion protest at his college and shouted: "What's up everybody! I think dogs should vote! Woo!"

He then started chanting "Dogs should vote! Dogs should vote!" and students around him started picking it up, calling for dogs to vote. We asked why:

Hey Cole, what happened?

So I was sitting on campus and writing a paper, listening to Griffin McElroy's podcast. And I was within earshot of that guy. People like him come on campus all the time and heckle people walking by. They're generally disruptive and mean-spirited. There were people sitting around him, and I first thought they were fans of him. I was building up the courage to go up there, and brought my friend along to record it.

Cole Weirich

Cole Weirich

What's with the "dogs should vote" chant?

It's a reference to the internet community and Griffin McElroy – he has a podcast and does a lot of different stuff. In one prank, he goes into Second Life, a multiplayer online game like the Sims, if every character was a real person and it was populated entirely by horny 12-year-olds. He tries to run for mayor, which isn't a thing, and he goes around chanting "dogs should vote."

I do student organizing all the time and think about people who come on campus pushing reactionary views. Ideally they wouldn't have that platform to speak on, but once they have it what do you do? I think using humor to delegitimize them is a really good tactic. In the future I'd like to bring out a really big pair of speakers and play nature documentaries over them to drown them out. Specifically, the mating rituals of animals.

What happens after the video?

After the video, I shout "let's hear it for free abortions on demand" and I got a couple of cheers but people liked that less than the dogs thing. I think with people like that, you're not going to change their mind about anything, but what you can do is make them look like idiots to everyone around them.

Should we all be trying to disrupt these anti-abortion events on campus?

It's a case by case basis. Anybody who feels comfortable should consider doing it. Making light of that guy in that context was good. But I think you should consider is if making a joke out of a serious topic the best way to do it. It's political, these people are out here for a political reason. Think about what they're trying to do – they're trying to intimidate you and bolster the people who already hold those views. Your goal should be to disrupt that. There's a responsibility to respond to hateful messaging.

You are the third guy we've spotted going up against an anti-abortion event on campus – should guys feel responsible for doing this?

It's more than just saying "all guys should feel responsibility to disrupt these events" because some guys are not going to feel safe doing that. And there are plenty of women and gender minorities who would feel more than fine disrupting that. Anyone who feels safe doing that should make it their responsibility.