Apparently our birth season affects our personality, and honestly that makes a lot of sense

At least I can blame being moody on my birthday

I always thought I disliked people born in the summer because they were Cancers — whiney — or Leos — egotistical — but I was wrong!

There’s another, more scientific, reason I don’t like them, so now I can finally stop feeling guilty about it.

Science is a perfect excuse for everything, like drinking red wine because it makes us better in bed, and eating more cheese because people who eat more cheese are thinner . . . you know, according to science. You can’t distrust someone in a lab coat.

According to a recent study, the seasons we’re born in often affect the way our personalities develop. Xenia Gonda, an associate professor, asked 366 university students to fill out a questionnaire, and the answers revealed a lot about how the students’ personalities developed in the first few months of their lives, and whether or not they were prone to mood disorders.

She found that people born in summer are more likely to suffer from mood swings — going from highs to lows very quickly, with no real catalyst. However, people born in winter are less prone to such swings, and are thus, less irritable.

She also found Hyperthymic temperament, a tendency to be extremely positive, was higher in those born in spring, and that those born in fall are less prone to depressive temperaments than those born in winter.

So next time someone tells you you’re being moody, hopefully you have a summer birthday to blame it on.

By the way, can you tell I was born in July?