Ranked: The colleges that will study the most for finals

It’s OK I’m OK it’s all going to be OK

Students at Syracuse, Princeton and Tulane will spend the most time getting ready for finals week, according to a new survey.

They will spend over 12 hours per day studying and preparing for exams – a figure determined by a Tab survey of over 3000 students who self-reported their study habits from last semester, and predicted them for this one.

There is a huge gap between some colleges – students at Syracuse, for instance, claim to spend 13 hours per day studying in the run up to finals week, while for those at Wake Forest, it's just 5.5 hours per day.

See where your college ranks below – the figures represent the number of hours students said they spent studying for finals last semester. Of the 100+ colleges we polled, we have included the top 60 – congrats if you made it.

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