College Station is the 28th best place to live in the entire country, says new research

It’s got an A grade for nightlife

You knew it, your friends knew it, everyone knew it, and now it’s been confirmed.

According to the data experts at Niche, College Station is the 28th best place to live in the whole of the USA. That’s right, THE WHOLE COUNTRY.

The data, which ranks towns inĀ 12 different areas, gave College Station an A grade in nightlife, diversity, and public schools, and a shining A+ to our very own Texas A&M.

Local residents took to the reviews to describe town and gown relations:

“With the thousands of college students, this town can sometimes feel overcrowded, but if you have a deep love for Texas A&M, you’ll love this town.

“Despite the city being “run by college students”, the university and community have many functions available for families that reside here.”

Another seemed lovingly overwhelmed with the college atmosphere:

“Game days for the Aggies are always hectic and crowded with fans, including myself.

“I had to adjust to the speed of the town, as well as the abundance and diversity of all the students.”

One resident, however, wasn’t convinced by students:

“College Station is a very nice place to live if you stay away from the student-concentrated areas.

“Anywhere that is close to the main university in town- Texas A&M University- is overly crowded and can be filled with immature and unsafe behavior.

“The farther you get from the university, the nicer the city becomes.”

Although the housing and cost of living wasn’t quite up to scratch, the outdoor activities and health and fitness compensated.

It seems like there’s a little bit of a crime problem here, however, as there’s over 1,800 thefts annually per 100,000 residents and 125 assaults.