You know what? I don’t care what anyone says — flower crowns are fun and cute

Let me be extra, I’ll let you be extra

OK, so it's the first Coachella weekend. I'm not there, and I know I've said some terrible things about it in print before, but I was just a jealous hater who would totally be there if I could.

Beyond Coachella, festival season has officially kicked off, which means we're staring down the neon-colored barrel of Bonnaroo, Governor's Ball, Glastonbury, Firefly, Austin City Limits, and about 6,000 other things to give you a crippling sense of FOMO for not attending. It's OK, I still like you even if your Instagram aesthetic is just regular girl cool and not Internet model cool.

But you know what single things all of these festivals have in common? OK, there a bunch of things they all have in common. But I'm talking about flower crowns. Beautifully arranged, ethereal, sweet-smelling, and totally reviled by the Internet and self-styled non-basics. And it doesn't matter if the flower crowns are IRL on via filter — people are hateful!

Seriously, run a search. It's ridiculous. But I'm here to draw a line in the sand, to stand up against the vocal minority and speak out about what might be my most deeply held belief: flower crowns are great.

They're just so fucking fun! I mean, look at this maternal beauty:

This precious boy:

This gorgeous pop of color:

This digital version:


Hoppy Easter, everyone! #heisrisen #happyhunting #khawkslulacrew #deathbeforedresspants #easterbunny #lularoe #flowercrown

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Seriously, how can you deny this?

Just two friends hanging out and being woodland fairies:

Last day of the weekend ?

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All I wanna do is hang out at Coachella in a crop top and ride the ferris wheel with flowers in my hair:

In what universe could any of these things be construed as bad? Or lame? Or basic? Honestly, what does basic even mean? Just that a lot of people are doing it, or…? Things aren't bad people people like them. Shhhh, just let me enjoy this. I dare you to be hateful with a flower crown on your head.