Trump fans are snitching on undocumented students to immigration officials

‘Please deport this UT Austin student’

Fans of President Trump are now snitching on undocumented students to get them deported.

Over the past few months, undocumented students have been celebrating their early acceptances to colleges across the States, posting their results online. And in the comments, The Tab has seen numerous instances of Trump supporters commenting on their posts on Twitter, tagging the ICE handle, and uploading photos of how they reported them.

Posts by students celebrating their achievements – getting into college and succeeding in school – are being trolled by Trump voters who wish to see “these scum illegals going back.”

This comes after controversial far-right speaker Milo Yiannopoulos encouraged students at the University of New Mexico to report anyone they suspected of being undocumented to “purge your local illegals.” He provided the ICE hotline during his speech.

It was rumored that his canceled event at UC Berkeley would have involved publicly naming undocumented students, although he denied these reports and said they were “a total fabrication.”

Here’s the rest of what Trump supporters are doing to deport DREAMers.