EXCLUSIVE: Tila Tequila says Donald Trump is having his mind controlled

And he has a clone living on another planet

MTV star Tila Tequila says Donald Trump is having his mind controlled on another planet.

In an interview with The Tab, the alt-right celebrity made a series of shocking revelations about the President, namely that he has a clone living on Earth One (we are on Earth Two).

The host of A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila goose-stepped her way to notoriety last fall when she did a Nazi salute at a Hitler-loving conference, and said some inflammatory comments about Jews.

After she claimed she made Brexit happen, we spoke to her about what she has planned for 2017.

Hi Tila, what's new?

I've been really good. In human words, what are you asking?

What have you been doing the last few months?

In November I spoke to you from Earth One. And now I'm on Earth Two, which is totally different from Earth One. We're in, like, a parallel world. I traveled back to Earth Two after I messed around with the timelines of Earth One, that way I can get back home and save my family and the world in Earth Two. Earth Two is doing great, it's been saved. Earth One is going to end in a massive apocalypse. 

Am I in Earth One?

Hahaha no, I think you're in Earth Two. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to contact me, if you were still in Earth One.

What else have you got planned for the future? What's happening with the FBI wiretap investigation?

It'll come to light. That's something the world needs to know and be aware of. About the spying and wiretapping and hacking. Everything will come to light.

Do you think Trump is having his mind controlled?

Yeah I heard about that. I believe that was also happening in Earth One. But in Earth Two – the parallel world which has been saved – he's back to himself. But in Earth One, I think Trump has a clone body. Yeah. Earth One is going to pretty much end. It will just bring out all the bad apples. In Earth Two, He's pretty focused. He's going to truly reveal his plans. He just had to drain the swamp, so to speak. 

Is Trump going to get caught in the apocalypse?

No no he's fine. We need our President, so he'll be fine. 

Who was doing the mind control or created his clone?

Probably some of the dark forces. The portals have been built and there's all kinds of dark forces running around right now, posing as people. That's why it's tricky over there. I have no doubt in my mind there's a fake clone version of me, like there is of everyone, tricking people and all kinds of crazy things. It's not a place I'd want to live, hahahaha.

You've told us about chemtrails, fluoride and the flat earth theory – what's the next big truth?

Heaven exists and it's somewhere on earth. The last train back home has already arrived and there's going to be a global reset on March 23rd. Which is literally two days away.

That's tomorrow.

Oh wow tomorrow! Holy crap, I time travel even further every day. Or maybe the time difference between you and I.

What's going to happen?

March 23rd, a global reset will happen. Meaning a total start-over, a game over. It's restarting and everyone's getting a reboot. It's basically the new world order of heaven on earth starting March 23rd! Hahahaha. But you asked me! That's something nobody knows, but I do. 

What else?

I was living on the dark side of the Moon for a while. 

What was that like?

It's a dark place, so what do you think? I was born on Mars, and then I traveled to the dark side of the Moon. I'm actually beaming back to Earth right now. It's split, kind of like a particle collider, where it splits into two. So one side is going to blow up Earth One, and it's going to end in a huge apocalypse of like, Biblical proportions. And then Earth Two gets split into a beginning.

When is Earth One going to blow up?

Probably the 23rd! Hahahahaha. Well I think the 23rd is actually for our new world, but as far as the old Earth One, not tomorrow. There's still some time because I still have some friends on Earth One and I'm trying to get them out of there before the explosion happens. So I'm waiting on them for a little bit, they deserve to be saved. We'll hold off on that apocalypse tomorrow, but I really want it to happen very soon. 

Did you see what happened in London today? Four people were killed outside the British Houses of Parliament.

Oh yeah. I was trying to warn people that it's basically the end times. Some kind of seal has been broken. I actually opened some kind of portal recently and I let all the angels come through so there's going to be quite a bit of havoc. There's going to be lots of angels and demonic forces fighting one another. A lot of people who are not in the know are going to be running in fear and hiding. Biblical proportion type stuff. But there's one place where you can be away from that stuff, which is Earth Two. But for people who are still on Earth One and in-between, they could teleport to Earth Two if they knew how. My point is there's going to be a lot of chaotic things, it's actually going to get a lot worse because I left the wormhole open. And I let all the spirits in, and so it's going to be kind of crazy. I'm assuming that's what happening with the event in London. That's part of the forces out on the streets. They're all out there.

In France, is Marine Le Pen going to win?

Anyone who's pro-Donald Trump is going to win.

What's happening with Pizzagate this year?

They will be brought down definitely. Because I have a daughter of my own. And on Earth Two children will be able to run free and not have to worry about these pedophiles and child molesters hunting them down when their parents aren't looking. That's going to be brought down. Truth and justice is definitely going to be brought down on the world. There's nowhere to run and there's nowhere to hide. Whoever had dark secrets is going to be shown into the light. 

What's in the next WikiLeaks?

Probably new technology existing that was not known to humanity. Extremely high technology like teleportation devices and time travel, all kinds of things. It was not supposed to be released, and that's probably partly why JFK got assassinated, I don't know. But there's some really important information that humanity wasn't allowed to know yet because they weren't evolved enough to know yet. Once we get rid of the bad apples and the Pizzagate scandal and bring these types of people down, I think these new technologies will come to light. Free energy, all kinds of stuff that we no longer have to suffer and pay for. Simple things like that. People try to poison humanity with food and vaccines and horrible things. All that will come to light. 

Last time we spoke you said some stuff about Jews. What do you think is going to happen to Jews this year?

There's just people underneath these labels. Just like any other people, if they see the light, then they're always welcome to join Earth Two. Everyone is welcome to join Earth Two if they see the light, hahaha. But if they want to be left behind in the dark where the world ends and everyone's like, eating each other alive and there's chaos in the streets to the point where there's no more people left to kill and eat, then that's their choice. Ultimately, everyone has a choice either to stay behind or come to the new world on Earth Two. Everyone is welcome, including Jews. It's all a matter of perspective and choice.