Campus on lockdown because a student brought a NERF gun to school

He was just playing Humans Vs Zombies

Ball State University was on lockdown this afternoon after an alert was sent out to students describing a male suspect “carrying a long rifle.”

A university spokesperson confirmed to The Tab that the campus-wide lockdown was caused by him bringing a Nerf gun to school.

The first alert said: “Shelter in place. Possible armed suspect on campus.”

The second added: “A male suspect wearing all black with a green bandanna sighted carrying a long rifle near Bracken and Woodworth. Continue to shelter in place.”

Before the alert was sent out, a picture appeared online of the student with a long Nerf gun.

Ball State student Bailey McComas told us he was just playing Humans vs Zombies.

He was reported to cops and a message was sent out that the campus was on lockdown for 15 minutes until he was found.