Girls are calling out a former Bachelorette contestant for tweeting ‘You’re only a woman if the good Lord made you to birth children!’

Joshua Albers was a contestant on The Bachelorette and the Bachelor in Paradise in 2015

Girls are calling out former Bachelorette contestant, Joshua Albers, for a tweet he posted which said: "Maybe I'm old fashion, but you're only a woman if the good Lord made you to birth children! Come on America! Get it together."

The transphobic tweet posted early Saturday morning was immediately met with a negative response, with people calling Albers "offensive" and "fucked up" for reducing a woman's worth to her ability to have children.

Boston University senior, Catherine Lanyon, was the first to drag Albers, saying his opinions on transgender rights aren't "old fashioned," but "offensive and rude."

Catherine told told babe it's "an excuse to be close minded and further idealizes a past in which the power system eliminated gender expression."

As a fan of The Bachelorette and having rooted for Albers, Catherine said she "wasn't going to let the tweet pass by."

"It was very narrow minded and insensitive, and I'm sick of people using old excuses to define what it is to be a woman, to be feminine, to be a man, to be masculine, or any of the things that people can feel," she said.

Albers was a contestant on 11th cycle of The Bachelorette and also appeared on the Bachelor in Paradise in 2015. The 33-year-old is a welder from Idaho and was well-liked on the show, but created a few problems because of his close-mindedness.

Albers was described as a "Murican man"and is open about not caring about offending people.

Albers believes that "just because you 'identify' as the opposite sex, does not make you so."

Fans of Albers said they were "disappointed to see his lack of compassion for the LGBTQ community" and pointing out his ignorance.

Albers said his comment was prompted by a boy scout who wanted to use the women's bathroom, asking "Should he not be in girl scouts then?"

Multiple girls questioned what Albers thinks of women who can't conceive, calling his beliefs "absurd." He responded by saying that the fact they still have "all the parts to grow a baby" makes them a woman.

Good Lord, indeed.