This girl found out her grandma is in Mexico taking shots with spring-breakers, and has the video to prove it

‘Shots with the girls’

Imagine your grandma commenting on a Facebook photo of you and your friends partying on the beach and taking shots. You get worried your suit isn’t modest enough, your friends tease you for it, but then it’s over — she just wanted to join in on some wholesome fun.

Now instead, imagine your grandma is lightyears cooler than you, is the one on the beach, and is taking shots with those very spring-breakers without you.

All the while uploading the receipts to Facebook.

“What did you do this spring break?”

“Hung out at home, but my Grandma went to Mexico, became Twitter famous, and made a bunch of new best friends.”

Her friends even replied with a video to prove it.

Truly, a friendship for the ages.

I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in this. Whatever this is.