‘Eric Trump got gums for days’ and everything else they’re saying about him online

They’re strangely fascinating

"Has anyone else noticed how Eric Trump's gums are weirdly large?" is a question many have been asking recently.

Eric is Donald Trump's second son, the trustee of The Trump Organization and the owner of what some online are saying are a rather large set of gums.

"Someone drove by with their high beams on and I couldn't have been blinded more if I'd just stared straight at Eric Trump's gums", "Why don't you have an 11-hour hearing on why Eric Trump's gums are so big?" and "Whatever your politics, you should be able to admit that designing the border wall to look like Eric Trump's gums is pretty innovative" is just the tip of the iceberg. Here's everything else they're saying about Eric Trump's weidly fascinating gums online.