Alex Jones claims he’s being sued for investigating Pizzagate

‘We can bust this whole thing wide open’

Alex Jones, the madcap host of Infowars, says he’s being sued for investigating Pizzagate.

The tinfoil hatter of American media who thinks 9/11 was a conspiracy and fluoride in water is making frogs gay now says he’s being taken to court over the very untrue claims the Democrats run a child sex ring out of a pizza place in DC.

In a video to his fans in which among other things, he pretends to answer a phone call from Vladimir Putin, Alex Jones says:

“As my listeners know, I’m being sued for investigating pedophilia. And we can depose all the people involved and we can bust this whole thing wide open. Those that are guilty, those that are innocent, and they’ll be exposed. So, they want us to be a test case to shut down the internet and free speech? I think it’s going to be the opposite.”

He then describes an article to the camera about satanic cooking, so that’s good.

Media Matters reported Infowars is taking down posts about Pizzagate after ties emerged between Alex Jones and the man who took a rifle into the DC pizzeria to “self-investigate” the pedophilia claims.

We’ve reached out to Infowars for comment.