New survey reveals over 50% of college students admit to falling asleep in class

Me too tbh

New data shows that over 50% of college students are so sleep-deprived that they are falling asleep in the middle of class.

Architects lead the pack, with 8 in 10 of them admitting to sleeping when they’re not supposed to be. Just below them comes Physics majors, three quarters of whom admitted falling asleep during class time.

On the other end of the spectrum, just 16% of Environmental science majors confessed to grabbing some lecture shut-eye, way below the average of 52% of all students.

See where your major ranks below – the stats come from over 1500 US students from 41 states, who replied to the Tab’s sleep survey and self-reported the amount of sleep they get per night on average, as well as whether they’d fallen asleep in class or a social setting.