Revealed: The best majors for getting rich without having to work hard

Get rich quick majors

Business, Computer Science and Engineering are the best majors if you want to work the least in college and earn the most after graduation.

This new research is compiled from data on expected salaries from Payscale and hours worked per week from The National Survey of Student Engagement. The Tab’s data scientist Matt Pencer calculated the ratio between the two figures, to find the biggest salary you earn against the hours you have to work during college depending on your major.

These findings will come as a relief to those majoring in STEM – Computer Engineers, for instance, work over 16 hours a week outside of allotted class time (doing homework and preparing for lectures), and will earn an average $90,000.

Sucks if you study Architecture, Humanities or Philosophy as comparatively, you have to study longer hours and earn way less. Architecture majors have to work around 22 hours a week outside of class time, and can expect to earn an average $67,000 – don’t do Architecture if you want to earn a lot but not have to do much studying.

See where your major ranks below – and check out the graph below that to see how it compares to other degrees.