Trump supporters hope Californians will ‘drown’ in the Oroville Dam crisis – but all the counties in the area voted for him

‘California wants POTUS help with the Oroville Dam, screw that let them drown’

Trump fans are calling for Californians to drown amid concerns the Oroville Dam will collapse – even though the surrounding counties voted Republican.

Hundreds of thousands of Northern Californians have been evacuated from the area because of flood dangers, so Trump supporters, assuming everyone in the state is liberal, are tweeting in the hope they will be “washed away” and “drown.”

The reasoning seems to be: Californians are liberal and don’t like Trump, so they shouldn’t expect any federal help if their homes are demolished by a 30-foot wall of water.

But they should have checked the electoral map – the counties around the Oroville Dam all voted Trump in 2016.