Trump fans are majorly relieved Lady Gaga didn’t make a political statement in her Super Bowl show

They now love her and think she’s a massive American patriot

Trump supporters across America breathed a sigh of relief last night when Lady Gaga didn’t make a political statement at the Super Bowl but instead sang, almost as if she was probably contractually obliged to.

Fans of President Trump were getting their predictions in early to say she would “say some moronic anti-Trump shit,” or at the very least do a live spirit cooking ritual. Some even called for a boycott of the halftime show, so sure were they that the Super Bowl would be hijacked by a pointless message calling for love and tolerance.

So imagine their surprise when Gaga didn’t take the opportunity to say anything political, and just sang. Leading Trump supporters were so pleased, they tweeted their praise, thanking her for “choosing patriotism and love.”

Nobody ever saw Tomi Lahren as a little monster, but here we are.