There’s a new dating app that matches you with people based on things you both hate

Sign me up, pls

In this age of non-stop opinions, we’re all fucking haters. So why shouldn’t we be literally fucking haters?

Enter the perfectly-named Hater, a new app dropping Feb. 8. You know, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Like virtually every other dating app out there, the app is designed for swiping but there’s more to it than the traditional right for like, left for ew. On Hater, you can swipe up for love (looove) and down for hate. There’s also a neutral option because sometimes, as we at babe know all too well, you just dgaf.

According to The Cut, there are currently more than 2,000 topics to weigh in on, including things like gluten-free food, weed, and Taylor Swift.

After weighing in on a few topics, matches and compatibility through for a bit, you can see your matches and compatibility. If you just can’t wait for the app to drop, the beta is now available in the app store for your swiping pleasure.

Is there an option to match with people who hate love?