Trudeau welcomes refugees to Canada as Trump slams the door


The response to President Trump’s executive order to ban all people of seven Muslim majority countries from entering the US has been swift on social media and at airports across the US.

While British Prime Minister, Theresa May refused to condemn the immigration ban, Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau took to Twitter to set himself apart from his American counterpart.

The tweet is a continuation of Trudeau’s proven track record on refugees. Since Trudeau’s Liberal Party took power in late 2015, Canada has welcomed over 39,000 people from war-torn Syria and Iraq. This compares with the US’ disproportionate total of just over 22,000 for 2016, despite having a population ten times the size of Canada.

The Canadian PM’s stance has gained support on social media from people all over the world

Some have even asked him to take over from Trump:

Not everyone was happy with his response:

There is much at stake for the Prime Minister in making this very public rebuttal to President Trump, as the pair will be renegotiating vital trade links between the two nations. Something like this is likely to get under the President’s notoriously thin skin.

Despite the risky stance, Canadians appear to be behind their leader.