Baby’s first protest: The cutest little kids at NYC’s Women’s March

Today in micro-politics…

Today, women across the country took to the streets to protest Donald Trump’s first day in office. Along with hundreds of thousands all over┬áthe world, the women of NYC came out in force. Joining the grown-ups protesting were plenty of lil activists who were marching for the first time.

“It’s important for us to stand up. Our mantra as a family is be strong, be brave.” – Jacob and Fernanda, 5 and-a-half

“This is my first time. It feels happy and safe” Shekeirah,(left) 7
“It’s not about anti-Trump or anti-Republican or anything, it’s about having the people’s voices heard.” –┬áSandra (their grandma)

“They tried to show us the inauguration in school, but I didn’t want to watch. My friends are here, and my student teacher, we want to stand up and make our voices heard” – Esme, 10