What’s up with guys asking to be rated after sex?

Tell me this hasn’t happened to you


You meet a guy at the club, hit it off and end up heading home together. It’s 2017, and you’re enjoying an impulsive, care-free one night stand.

You make it through the awkward convo on the Uber home, the fumbling (that for some reason must occur with anyone you haven’t slept with), and the less than pleasurable chore of getting them off, only to explain that you, yourself, would like to be gotten off as well.

Finally, all is said and done, and you’re checking fares to gage how expensive the ride home will be — all the while already decided on walking home in the freezing cold to save a dollar.

That’s when he says it: “How good was that?”

Or maybe he means: “How good was that.”

You’re not sure if you’re supposed to answer. Was that a rhetorical question, or do they actually want to know if that was good for you?

Are they stating that it was good for them, while questioning if it was good for you? Or are they demanding that, for you, that must have been good?

You opt for the safest out: the noncommittal nod.

They see through it, and decided in order to gain ground, they need to push harder.

“Yeah, but like how was it compared to the others?”

We’ve entered dangerous territory. It’s too late to run, and you’ve already stuttered once, so he’s getting nervous.

What you really want to say is: “It’s none of your business,” but you look into his eyes and see how much is riding on your response. This is literally all he has. What’s the harm in being nice?

“It was great.”

And he’s off. Onto the next girl, with the confidence that he is, in fact, “Great.”

Let’s get one thing straight: I didn’t come here to play 20-questions about my ex’s bedroom performance. If I enjoyed sleeping with you, you’ll know because I’ll call. Or maybe I won’t.

The second you leave, I am going to rate you in my phone – but that rating is for me, and nobody else.

You asking me about how good you were isn’t going to change what happens next. But it might weird me out.

0/10 – would not hit again.