Friday the 13th is actually the perfect day to get a tattoo

If you don’t do it today, will you ever?

We’re broke and impulsive, so why not?

It’s tradition for tattoo parlors to give majorly discounted tattoos in honor of Friday the 13th. Artists offer small, quirky pre-designed looks in the style of the holiday, including blades, coffins and black cats — most of which for only $13, plus tip. Some bigger designs may be more costly, but most will be under $100. The only catch is that no custom designs are accepted.

friday the 13th tattoo

Tattoos are a trend nowadays for a reason. They add color to your personality and can be both beautiful aesthetically and literally. Artists today have expanded their styles so there isn’t a reason not to believe they’re great pieces of art.

Expect some pain, but if you can handle getting your period every month then you’ll be fine. Since they’re so small, you’ll be out of the shop a lot quicker than with a more sizable piece.

Though there will be lines of people waiting for their small tattoo, don’t be discouraged. Artists are prepared to handle loads of people. Call ahead and make sure there is a time slot available or see if you can make an appointment for a later time. Some places will only accept cash, too so be ready for that.

Look at the shop’s Instagram and Facebook and see how other clients’ tattoos turned out. Make sure the artist is doing a good job with lines, colors and shading. You want to make sure your tattoo will be well done, even for the small amount you’re paying. You’ve heard it before, but it’s gonna be on you forever so it better be perfect.

Whether you’re experienced with tattoos or not, any artist will explain everything about the healing process and how to continue to care for your new tattoo.

These traditional tattoos are some of the most popular designs most parlors will do. They’re cute and simple and fitting for anybody. Who needs a reason other than looking cool? If you’re worrying about what others will think, then don’t do it. You shouldn’t care, because you’re going to look great no matter what.