The funniest yet saddest tweets from Obama’s farewell address

Thanks, Obama

If you didn’t shed tears during President Obama’s farewell address, you’re in the minority. But even though we all feel like small children being abandoned by our amazing dad (dare I say daddy?) to go live with our mean, racist uncle, there is one silver lining: the memes.

Reality finally set in last night and it did not feel good.

We feel like all 300 million of us are Obama’s children and we’re watching him back out of the driveway to never return.

I’ve said “me af” a lot in my life but I don’t think I’ve meant it ’til now.

He better get a high profile job so he can continue to spiritually stunt on us.

President Daddy (I’m so, so sorry) at it again.

“My President is orange and my Lambo is blue” just doesn’t feel the same.

Imagine this with Melania and Donald.

This iconic friendship will someday have a Hamilton-like musical written about it:

He can’t leave if we don’t let him, right?

Say goodbye to your precious motorcade tires >:)

At this point, we’re willing to try anything.

He’s not going anywhere — not on our watch.

Can you believe he was rocking Supreme before it was even invented? Visionary.

It was tough to even read the tweets, much less watch the speech.

Thanks for the meme-ories, Mr. President. We love you.