‘I was fucked up and you were pretty’: Boys on Tinder share why they swiped right

Who says romance is dead?

The stigma behind Tinder is of people finding everything but true love. Whatever your intentions might be, we all know the majority of boys on dating apps just want to take you home… to bed. They try to reel you in with bizarre first messages, cheesy recycled poems and pictures of themselves with a stranger’s dog hoping your hearts will flutter. So why spend your valuable time brainstorming some kind of response when you can cut the crap and begin the conversation by asking why they swiped right?

I decided to do this experiment for two days. For reference, my profile picture shows me at my current job as a barista at Starbucks. My bio reads “I love avocados.”

That’s sweet.


I think you’re just scared.


I should have swiped left.


Do whatever works for you, I guess.


Was that supposed to hurt?


Such a kind boy.


Don’t flip it on me.




Sorry you’re not that special.


Looks like you don’t need to go to your optometrist for a check up.


Don’t add fuel to the fire.


You made it, boy.

I admit, it was tough to do at first. But after I got a couple of matches, I was sending out messages as if my body was programmed to do so. Although some of the responses were weird, many actually did compliment me and go in-depth looking at my pictures and asking me more thoughtful questions because they thought I was “different” for sending the first intrusive message. I talked to a few genuine, sweet boys after it all, too. Do I think I will ever find love? Definitely not.

Ladies, don’t waste time waiting for these boys to hit you up. Do them the honor and ask the question. Don’t be scared, cause it is a ton of fun. The worst thing that could happen is if they don’t reply back and that isn’t as bad as some of these responses. Just be aware, boys will always be boys.