It wasn’t all bad: Here is every single meme of 2016

Literally the only good things about this shit year

This year was the most trash yet, and we got through it only by the power of memes. In what might be our life’s work, The Tab has searched the darkest, weirdest corners of the Internet to bring you every single meme of 2016.

Irreverent Memes

These are the memes that have no purpose, no meaning, no gods, no masters. They mean nothing and everything and can be applied to any situation in their bizarre absurdity.

Dat Boi

Dat Boi might just be the purest meme ever created, our last frog stalwart meme in the face of the alt-right. Dat Boi is just here to have a good time.


Wow, Queen

If this drawing makes you want to throw your computer off a waterfall, you’re in great company. I don’t know what demon made Max’s love interest thiq and wearing a Thrasher shirt, but at least we have the phrase “Wow, queen” now.


Haters Will Say It’s Fake

Go meta and apply this to hyper real situations. Tweet a pic of your nachos and insist that haters will say it’s fake smh.


Nut Button


This Guy Slaps Your Girl’s Ass, WYD

You See This Girl Boiling A Sandwich, WYD

But what would you do tho?

Don’t Talk To Me Or My Son Ever Again


The AC Is On And He’s Listening To His Favorite Music

The Succ

This meme was given new life thanks to the iconic variation meme “She succ me” and it was even transformed into a shitpost movement, Zucc.



Political Memes

2016 politics were literally the bloated, waterlogged corpse of democracy but at least we got some amazing memes out of it. I wonder if we’ll be allowed to look at memes in President Trump’s labor camps?

Bernie vs. Hillary

Sexist? Maybe a little, but tell me Hillary wouldn’t say “put ya hand out” when you ask for some of her Cheetos. My boy Bernie would just pass you the bag.


Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer

Spicy Boi


Melania Trump

Sugar Baby Queen Melania spawned approximately four different memes this year, her most prolific being “Hello” and Copying Michelle. This might be the most interesting thing she’s ever done.


Spongebob Memes

Spongebob was the most iconic television series of this millennia so it makes sense that it would inspire oodles of pleasant, relatable memes. Actually, I think Spongebob memes are the only reason our civilization is still standing.

The Krusty Krab Is Unfair

Spoons Rattling

The physical return of Christ can be found in a warped image of Spongebob from the cult classic Krusty Krab Pizza episode.


Squidward Dab


Mr. Krabs

This was the most popular meme of 2016, hands down. Everyone could relate the all-consuming since of panic and confusion because that’s basically our permanent state now.

Primitive Sponge


Halsey Lyrics/SpongeBob

Taking the piss out of Halsey’s corny ass lyrics is god’s work.

*Breathe In* BOI


Pop Culture Memes

I guess if anything, it was a good year for pop cuture. We were blessed with Lemonade, Coloring Book, Glory (#BuyGloryOniTunes) and lots of memes about the people who made them.


Arthur Fist

Second only to Mr. Krabs, Arthur dominated our TLs and we were pretty OK with it. PBS was pretty pissed, though.

Other Assorted Arthur Memes

Tom Creeping


Jared Leto/Joker

“Welcome to my sick, twisted mind” — Jared Leto’s LiveJournal probably. After a quote about Leto‘s Hot Topic ass behavior from Suicide Squad director David Ayer  went viral, it was only a matter of time before the Internet dragged him.

Run Away With Me

Titties Out, Got My Coin

What Do I Look Like I Do For A Living?


*Record Scratch* Yep, That’s Me

Petty Memes

Either we all realized our petty potential this year or we’ve always been this down-low dirty and never organized. Whichever way it happened, thank god it did because now we’re blessed by a glorious collection of shady memes.

Skai Jackson Petty

Joanne The Scammer

Enjoy the stylings of Joanne The Scammer from the comforts of your caucasian home. Some heroes wear fur coats.

I cannot believe……. I almost got caught…. #joannethescammer part 1

A video posted by Branden miller (@iambranden) on Mar 23, 2016 at 4:21pm PDT

Beyonce Sitting Petty


She Doesn’t Have The Range

The most glorious takedown of your faves, arranged into one glorious Twitter thread and spawned the greatest new insult ever. My ex’s new girl? She simply doesn’t have the range.


Math Lady

‘Me AF’ Memes

We’re a selfish, self-interested generation so memes that make us go “same” have a special place in our roundup. We are all Honey Bun Baby. We are all Evil Kermit. We are all a scared blonde girl in the mosh pit of life. Same.

Honey Bun Baby


Me, Life, God, Mental Illness, Etc.

Suicidal memes have been an ever-present staple in the year’s meme oeuvre. Whether they’re indicative of a bigger problem or just a way of coping with mental illness is an issue that needs to be discussed but for now, just enjoy the relatable af memes.

Tag Yourself

Tag yourself, I’m xX_D4T_801_Xx.


Evil Kermit

The Guys She Told You Not To Worry About

Whip, Volume Up

You can physically feel the bass through this picture.

You: ___ Me, An Intellectual: ____

Scared Girl At Concert

This year is the mosh pit, I’m the girl and the drinks she’s clutching is my will to live.

Crying, Nodding, Realizing

[In Spanish]

Telenovela star Soraya Montenegro is better than you in Spanish.

Shitpost Memes

None of this means anything. This is the dark-sided, corruptible and significantly worse version of Irreverent Memes. Shitposting is an art, true, but one that few have mastered.

Be Careful Who You Call Ugly In Middle School


Remember ____? This Is Him Now

Beans looks terrible now.

Deadass, B

I’m Sorry I Can’t Be Her

For girls who like terrorizing their boyfriends and picking fights for no reason (@me).


I Can Be Your Angle Or Devil

Mainstream Memes

Even your teachers knew about these memes and would try to reference them to seem *~*~oN fLeEk~*~* to the hip teens and their dank memes. When left in the hands of the masses, they can become terrible. But there are a few holdouts.

Conceited’s Face

Battle rapper Conceited’s “mmmm :/” is all of us.

Something To Take The Edge Off

Haven’t Heard That Name In Years

*Does ___ Once*

Da’Vonne Rogers

The Big Brother star became an internet icon with the help of one savvy GIFer.

Trash Memes

Delete these trash memes. These are the memes who can’t sit with us, the memes that your lame ass middle school friend tries to share on FB. Avoid them at all costs.


If A Dog Wore Pants

Bone Apple Teeth, et all

Bee Movie Faster Each Time

Kardashian Memes

Unsurprisingly, the Kardashians completely dominated meme culture this year. Whether they started them intentionally, through their show or with the help of their fans, it was impossible to open your TL without facing a K Meme.

Taylor Swift Is A Snake

Blac Chyna Yelling Into Phone

Yes, some called her crazy. But who among us haven’t shrieked at our boyfriends on speaker phone? Glass houses, y’all.


Name A More Iconic Duo

Inspired by a well-meaning tweet, it was quickly corrupted into a shitposter’s paradise. Now it’s also a super popular Instagram caption. Name a more iconic meme. I’ll wait.

Kris Jenner Reactions


Excluded From This Narrative

The second meme casualty from Kim’s scalping of Snakelor Swift.

I’m Dropping Hints That I’m Single

Year Of Realizing

A prophecy none of us took seriously.


Celebrity Memes

Finally, we come to celebrity memes. They’re meme bread and butter if you will, the never-ending fountain from which we source our freshest memes. Part tribute, part mockery, all wonderful.

Birdman Respek

Drake Sitting On Things


Carly Rae Jepsen, Queen Of _____

Another pure meme, consisting solely of insisting that Carly Slae Livinglegensen is the queen of everything in her pictures. And she is.


Phelps Face


Wendy Williams

So many absurd Wendy William’s reaction faces, so little time to make them into Tumblr posts about giving killer clown the succ.

Oprah In The Bath

Young Metro Don’t Trust ___

J. Cole Went Platinum With No Features

Usain Bolt

The final component of the pure meme trifecta. Usain is running away from the negativity and realizations of 2016 and into the optimism of 2017.