Tyra Banks’ best ANTM moments, because it will never truly be the same again

It’s the end of a Ty-era

Her challenges were bold, her judging was ruthless and her smize taught us how to take the perfect selfie. Many of us grew up watching America’s Next Top Model and spent the day after every episode gossiping about the week’s over-the-top challenge or bitching about that girl literally no one liked who was still in the game.

Tyra Banks gave us 22 fierce cycles on ANTM, but come Cycle 23 on December 12th she will no longer grace us with her savage but brilliant moments. It’s the end of a Ty-era and we’re all confused. We can’t help but reminiscing about every time she eliminated two girls in one episode and didn’t give a single fuck about it.

Which is why it’s only right to look back on all her best moments and wonder, will we ever give less of a fuck than Tyra?

When she yelled at Tiffany for being ungrateful

As soon as the words “I’m extremely disappointed in you” came out of her mouth, ours dropped. You could just feel the anger bottling up in Tyra after Tiffany didn’t seem to really care about being eliminated. She was having none of Tiffany’s unemotional explanation and we all thought a little tough love would be it.


Tyra’s voice practically shook the room and we couldn’t help but feel like she was yelling at us too.

“I was rooting for you, how dare you!” she shouted, telling Tiffany she had no idea “where the hell I come from.”


When she said ‘make it fashion’

While giving one of her eyeopening posing tips, Tyra explained modeling is all about “acting like a hoe but making it fashion.”

These wise words have stuck with us ever since and whatever we do, we make sure to make it fashion.

When she brought guys on the show and we were all very thankful

It took 20 cycles, but Tyra finally added something to the mix we didn’t even know we needed: guys, usually of the shirtless variety.


With the announcement that eight of the 16 contestants would be guys, we could almost see all the drama waiting to happen.

Sure, the addition of guys sparked romances, but it was the fights that gave the show a whole new meaning.

D R A M A.

When she made models walk down the side of a building

When Tyra says runway walk down the side of a building, you runway walk down the side of a building. No excuses.

What if the models were afraid of heights? Tyra didn’t give a fuck.

When she passed out

While introducing that week’s challenge, Tyra started feeling lightheaded and weak, and then suddenly dropped to the floor, appearing to have passed out. She scared us all and just as the models rushed to her side in an attempt to help, BAM she jumps up and announces their challenge is acting.


And the Oscar goes to Tyra Banks for being absolutely savage.

Whenever there was a double elimination no one expected

Savage. That is all.

When she shut down a homophobic contestant

The panel of judges were having none of Denzel’s issues with the fact that Will, another male contestant, was gay and loved wearing heels.

“Who gives a fuck?” Tyra asked him. We didn’t and neither did Will who wore heels to panel just to piss Denzel off.

Nicely done.

Whenever she cut girls hair short and they cried

Makeover episodes were a special kind of ANTM obsession filled with more emotions than we ever thought could fit into an hour long show. A girl’s hair is sacred, so whenever Tyra announced some models would be getting their mane chopped off in the form of a lob, bob or even a buzz cut, they were not happy.

When they cried we felt their pain but couldn’t help but also feel a certain satisfaction along with it.

When she made the girls do a photoshoot with a tarantula

“It’s very safe but we do have EMS on the side,” were not the words anyone wanted to hear come out of Jay Manuel’s mouth before a photoshoot. That week Jay Manuel informed the models they would have tarantulas crawling all over their bodies while they try to strike the perfect pose. Naturally, they were terrified and most of them cried.

But did Tyra give a fuck about their fear of gigantic spiders? Nope.

When she gave them a Covergirl commercial and literally no one could do it

Instead of a photoshoot that week, Tyra made the models shoot a 30 second commercial for Covergirl foundation and they literally all sucked at it. It was cringe, embarrassing and highly entertaining to watch.

When she pretended to be a diva and made all the girls act as her wind machine

Tyra definitely had her diva moments on and off the show and it’s something we loved about her, but it was the time she went full on monster diva that we really and truly appreciated her genius.

She even made them act like her wind machine when hers stopped working.


Even though ANTM won’t be the same without Tyra’s savagery, we’ll always have 22 cycles to appreciate her fierce ways.