Apologize to your liver today because you can now get Fireball in a box

Shut up and take my money

Just in time for forced reconnections with friends, family and exes (read: the holidays), our liquor lords and saviors have decided to bless us with the gift that keeps on giving: boxed Fireball.


Usually reserved for shitty wine you can smuggle onto a party bus or bring into tailgate, this big-ass box of bad decisions contains not one but two bags filled with 1.75 liters of cinnamon whisky, perfect for slapping the bag or even just sticking a straw in and just going to town. Think of it like an adult CapriSun but with potentially deadly repercussions.

Unfortunately, getting your hands on the so-dubbed Firebox isn’t so easy. They’ve been in limited supply this year, though you can still find them at some liquor stores and, of course, online.

They’re around $50 each, but just consider it a Christmas gift to yourself. You earned it.