A white Berkeley student told my friend: ‘Black people are inferior’

‘Those niggs will never be more than hiphop icons and drug dealers’


Yesterday afternoon, a friend of mine reached out to me for my “thoughts on this unfortunate-ass conversation” she had with a post-graduate researcher on her team.

He’s a Berkeley student, pro-Trump, and my friend Stuti says she’s had “some educated conversations with him” in the past, which makes the rant that ensued that much more troubling.

It all started when he sent her an article about the alt right out of the blue and asked for her thoughts. By the end of their conversation, he told her:

• “We literally own black people”
• “Those niggs will never be more than hiphop icons and drug dealers”
• “I’m not racist I just don’t play the political correctness bullshit. I just call things how they actually are”

When she exposed her disdain for white nationalism, he let his true colors show. Meet America’s latest and greatest weapon of mass destruction against minority communities: the white man who refuses to be “politically correct.” I’d love to sit and refute every point he made but for the sake of time, let’s focus on the most offensive of his statements. I assure you it was no easy task to pick just a few.



‘We literally built this world’

He says this in a nation built by slaves on land stolen from Native people. In a world where the first civilizations (think Aztecs, Incas, Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia) laid the foundation for society to even freakin’ exist. Let’s not forget they also created the calendar, numeral system etc. None of which was created by white people.

‘Every race owes us. They’re feeding off our success and ambition’

He says this in a nation with an ongoing history of white-washing and ignoring the accomplishments of minorities. Did you know that George Washington Carver was credited with only three patents despite being credited with the discovery of nearly 300 uses of the peanut? So when you eat something derived from peanuts you are literally feeding off of OUR success but I digress..



‘I’m sorry but I’ll never stop saying the N word’

Before I comment, I think it’s important to note that he justifies his use of racial slurs with freedom of speech. He doesn’t understand why people get “butthurt” when white people say the word “nigger.” BUT if you’re offended, rest assured he did clarify that he would “never use them in a real life scenario” (shocking) despite saying these words “all of the time” to his white friends as jokes.

Particularly the word, “nigg” because apparently if you remove two letters, it’s no longer related to the racial slur.img_1630

Aside from the fact that his comments are extremely racist, offensive, and lacking in factual basis, keep in mind that this is a guy who went to Georgia Tech, and is currently a grad student at UC Berkeley. This is not some poor small-town guy that hasn’t had any exposure to the world or a good education.




What does this tell us? This shows us very clearly the new manifestation of racism in this country. Wake up America and smell the instant coffee (also credited to George Washington Carver, just in case you think it was created by Billy Bob Starbuck or some shit) and step into the racist world that the rest of us live in, where people think less of you if you don’t have white skin.

Do not argue that point. Please take your “our president is black”, black friend-having, bigoted ass back to the children’s table where you “don’t see color” and let the rest of us work toward extracting the deeply-rooted racism in this nation. Since we’re no longer being politically correct, let me be very clear when I say there are three types of people in this nation: overtly-racist people, racists by default (i.e. people who are scared of the consequences of being racist publicly, who think ignorance is an excuse fit in this category as well), and people who have allied with minority communities in a commitment to equality and justice for all.

Ask yourself: what am I doing to aid the minority struggle? What am I doing to give back to minority communities? What am I doing to extinguish any and all expressions of racism or discrimination that arise in my community? If you do not have answers to these questions, you’re probably a racist.

Oh, and it’s worth adding: my friend Stuti asked him if he also thought Nazis were superior to Jews. His answer?

“No they outnumbered the Jews. But technically the Nazis kicked the Jews’ ass. So in a way yes.”