Turns out, cranberries aren’t actually going to cure your UTI

Guess this means we have to go to the doctor now

In the one of the most shocking revelations of the week, it’s been announced that cranberries won’t do anything to relieve you of the pain that is a UTI. That’s right: the wrath of 2016 is far from over.

We’re used to clutching our tummies, running to the bathroom and downing cartons of cranberry juice for days when we’ve got cystitis, praying to the Gods of antioxidants that we’ll be cured.

It burns, it’s uncomfortable and we can’t even have sex – waiting days for a doctor’s appointment is off the cards, so we turn to cranberry extract pills and literally anything with little red berries on goes in our mouths.

But sorry girls, according to research, none of this actually makes a difference.

Not so tasty anymore

A study investigated the effect of cranberry capsules on bacteriuria plus pyuria which is what leads to the diagnosis of a UTI. They looked at it in 185 women and what they found busts the cranberry myth wide open.

According to the academics who conducted the study, there was literally no significant difference in the presence of bacteriuria plus pyuria between the treatment and control groups over 1 year.

Basically — cranberries have fuck all effect on UTIs. But at least they make for good cocktails?

So instead of hoarding cartons of juice, you should probably go to the doctors instead next time. Or just go ahead and add some vodka.