This website sells shirts advocating rape

‘No means no, well maybe if I’m drunk’

Today in disturbing things found on the internet: this website is peddling a t-shirt that basically advocates rape.

Everything 5 is a clothing site that, according to Instagram, has “t-shirts for everyone” with subcategories including “humor” and “women’s clothing.”

It’s in the women’s clothing section where you can find a t-shirt with the slogan: “No means no, well maybe if I’m drunk.” Because we all know that every stylish girl wants to promote rape culture by sporting a $6 tee.

The site also sells other shirts that will probably make you want to vomit, like this one with the words: “Lift this shirt before taking photos.” Get it?!

They may only be lousy t-shirts but it’s fair to say that shit like this contributes to the bullshit that is rape culture.

This ultra classy site was apparently started in August of this year, and belongs to a company based in Dorset in the UK. The company also operates under another name, Everything 5 Pounds, and sells the same t-shirt on another site as well.

The company has yet to respond to a request for comment, but we will update this article if they do.