babe is with her: An endorsement for Hillary Clinton

Because us nasty women have to stick together

In less than a week the United States will make history and elect its first female president.

As little girls we were always told we can be anything we want when we grow up, even president. Hillary Clinton is the symbol of everything a girl is capable of. America needs a nasty woman who knows what she’s doing.

And that’s why on November 8th, we’re voting Hillary.

Amber Schumacher, UW-Madison


“Hillary is the picture of poise, composure, and respect in a race that has been anything but. She can advocate for women’s rights and needs and she has the experience to keep her head, and our nation, above water. Hill-dog is powerful and demands respect in ways more women need to be comfortable in doing. Plus it’s about god damn time we put some ovaries in the oval office.”

Kami Thomas, Florida State University


“I decided to vote for Hillary Clinton when I realized that she was the only person right for this job. Not only is she experienced, but she’s poised, she’s a leader and she’s proven herself time and time again to be the leader that this country needs. My mom is voting for Hillary Clinton. When she immigrated to this county 40 years ago, seeing a black man as the President of the United States really wasn’t even a possibility, and seeing a woman as the President of the United States wasn’t a possibility, and now one of those things has already happened, and were really close to another one of those things happening. A Hillary Clinton victory wouldn’t just be good for women, or young women, or minority groups as a whole. A Hillary Clinton victory would be good for this entire nation, because it would show the progression we’ve made and how far, as a nation, we’ve come.”

Laila Husain, University of Virginia


“I’ve always known I was going to vote for Hillary. I was the eight year old who would fan girl at Gilmore Girls every time Lorelai and Rory made a Hillary reference. No one had to persuade me to vote for her, because for me it was always a given that I would. And *when* she wins on November 8th, it’ll be one of the biggest steps this country has taken, since we claim to be such a progressive super power, yet countries we consider ourselves superior to have had a female leader, but we haven’t reached that point yet.”

Gail Vivar, Temple University


“I decided to vote for Hillary when my younger niece told me that Hillary was her role model. It’s really important she wins because so many young girls look up to her, I look up to her – seeing what she accomplishing is amazing. If Hillary wins on November 9th, it will be a victory for all women everywhere.”

Erica Jordyn Spaeth, University of Pittsburgh


“Because she understands my right to do what I want with my body and my right to not be touched without consent.”

Alexa Russell, Auburn University

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“I believe in Hillary’s hard work, vision for equality and her dedication to the American people. Hillary stops at nothing to achieve her goals and never gives up. She has done amazing things as Secretary of State. She has proven herself as a diplomatic power player that is irreplaceable. On an everyday basis Hillary is fighting for not only what the people want, but for what the people need.

“A large part of my support for Hillary Clinton comes from her passion for equal rights. I have been a long time supporter of the Human Rights Campaign and have fought for marriage equality. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community I admit that I was a little hesitant to support Hillary at first due to her change in position on same-sex marriage. I was afraid that she was simply supporting the new popular opinion. However, I have come to realize that people change their mind over time after becoming more educated on a subject and she should not be criticized for that. She has since proved that she intends to fight for the LGBTQ+ community. Hillary is without a doubt a major role model for me as well as my generation. She is dedicated to her beliefs and has a vision for America that is unlike any other.

“I truly believe that Hillary will be an amazing President of the United States.”

Lexi Lampner, University of Florida


“I decided to vote for Hillary Clinton shortly after I campaigned for Bernie. There was a point in his campaign where I believed Clinton was better suited for the job, especially when it came to foreign policy. Also, having a realistic take on how to further progressive policies.

“If she wins it will show that the American people have come to the realization that we need a woman in office. It will show that we’re a united front against Donald Trump and that we will not allow his vitriol to take over our political process. Clinton has made great strides for the LGBT community, she’s succeeded as an attorney, a senator, secretary of state–she’s easily one of the most qualified people to ever run for office. It’s important when she wins for women, people of color…and when she wins, I will feel so excited.”

Gigi Sonia Gupte, University of Maryland


“She’s a 1000x better option than having an overgrown ignorant fuckboy lead the country. She’s made mistakes, but she has experience, is educated about issues, and I would feel safer with her running the country especially as a woman and a minority.”

Lizzy Gulino, Ithaca College


“I’m voting for Hillary because she is by far the most qualified person to be president, while Donald Trump is the least. I need a leader that will represent my wants and needs as a woman in America and who shares my views on topics such as climate change, gun control and foreign policy. A Donald Trump presidency actually frightens me, and I have to do everything in my power to make sure he’s not elected. We need a leader who will make educated judgements based on their experiences in the White House and as a politician, not a reality TV personality who reacts impulsively when bad things happen. Whoever becomes president next will also have the power to nominate up to 4 Supreme Court judges, which definitely solidifies my support for Hillary.”

Taylor Palmby, University of Wisconsin-Madison


“I decide to vote for Hillary Clinton the second I found out Donald Trump was the nominee for the Republican Party. I knew that morally I couldn’t vote for anyone else. I’ve taken enough poli sci classes to know that voting for a third party is basically useless and when the stakes are this high I knew I had to vote for the woman that wasn’t going to incite hate and fear in people, not only in our own country but across the world.

“It’s important to me that she wins because I don’t want to live in a world where as a woman I am seen as lesser. No one should have to live in a world where they are not respected because they are different, or because they are a women, or because they are a different race, or because they are of a different religion.”

Becca Tasker, University of Pittsburgh

“I’m voting for Hillary because after I mourned the loss of our lord and savior Bernie Sanders, I realized that she’s a great candidate. We may not line up 100 percent, and I wouldn’t necessarily vote for her against a more liberal candidate, but against the idea of a Trump presidency I’m definitely voting for her. Also, she has badass foreign policy experience.”

Victoria Fleurat-Smith, University of Arizona


“I decided to vote for Hillary mainly because I have a conscience and would like to her to continue the great work and progress that President Obama has created, rather than tear it apart like Donald Trump plans to do. I cannot respect a political leader who uses insults, sexual assault and incites such derogatory racism and violence.

“I have been persuaded to vote for Hillary by her lifelong detection to public service and seeing past the media’s harsh view on her mainly because of her gender. I was persuaded to vote for Hillary because the state of our Congress and Supreme Court are at stake which will have a lasting affect far past these four years. Her influence and decisions will push our country into the positive era that we are in desperate need of. If she wins on November 9th I will be happy that my fellow American has not let me down at the voting box and proud that we will have our first female President.”

We’re with her.