Lake Tahoe is probably the least picturesque place in the USA

Why would you ever want to go there?

Lake Tahoe, one of California’s, if not the USA’s ugliest places in the world.

It’s just so ugly that we can’t understand why anyone would ever ever ever want to go there.

There is just nothing beautiful about it…

We just don’t know why anyone would ever go there

There’s not even anything fun or relaxing to do

What does your perfect Saturday look like? ⠀ This is ours?⠀ ⠀ #ISLEsup #OptOutside #StandUpPaddle #LakeTahoe⠀

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And even in the winter, it’s just not nice to look at

Looking forward to this coming winter! ❄️

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We wouldn’t want to start any day there

Or even do any winter sports, just why?

Heavenly Lake Tahoe ❄️

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Emerald Bay is kinda average, right?

Emerald Bay

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It’s probably the most unpicturesque place in California, if not the USA


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Just kidding of course

There’s probably nowhere we’d rather be…

I'm ready for another adventure???

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…Or get married

Tell me this doesn't look like the cover of a vampire novel #charletonchurchill #rachelgoesdowner

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…Or go for walkies

…Or go for an adventure

Tahoe out.