Meet the only Trump fans at Manhattan’s anti-Trump rally

‘Hillary is a flawed candidate but Trump represents a great deal more’

Pity today’s Trump supporters – they must have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.

After Trump’s devastating pussygate revelations, his voters must find it difficult to look in the mirror and tell themselves: I will vote for a man who said he grabs women by the pussy to be the next leader of the free world.

But even after over a dozen women came forward to say they were sexually assaulted by a self-described sexual predator, a small group of the Hillary for Prison brigade assembled outside Trump Tower for a counter-protest.

About 1000 demonstrators descended on Midtown Manhattan for Pussy Power at Trump Tower – so we found the Trump voting sign-thrusters who managed to drag their knuckles uptown to tell the world they’ll cast their vote for The Donald on November 8th.


First up is Lina, who says she’s a neighbor of Trump and lives two floors below him in his own tower.

“I’ve lived next-door to Trump for 12 years,” she tells me, “He’s a gentleman, so supportive of women. One time last year I came into the elevator and Barron, the son, who must have been nine years old, held the door open for me. What a great guy to raise his kid like that.”


It’s one of the more obvious questions to ask, but what does she think about the pussygate tape?

“I think it’s false, everything that’s on TV. But men sometimes say offensive language, when they are just around other men. He doesn’t always think in this way. I have a husband and two boys, I know every man has private conversations like this.”

Sad. Next up is Brandon, a British man who we interviewed a few months ago, also at a pro-Trump event. We speak after hearing him shout expletives at the crowd over the road.

What does he think about the protesters he was shouting at?

“Despite everything that’s going on with WikiLeaks? Why is ‘my vagina’ more important than real problems? They don’t realize what’s actually going on in America. Also yeah, Hillary is married to a man who has given hush money to people he has raped.”


He adds: “Also it’s a bit convenient that they came forward now, 30 years after? Hillary is a flawed candidate but Trump represents a great deal more.”

Brandon explains his views about the money Qatar sends to the Clinton Foundation and his views on abortion, almost in the same sentence, before we finish.

A man is walking up and down the sidewalk, wailing about George Soros. He shouts about sex towards the crowd of protesting women. I touch him on the shoulder to ask if he’d like to speak, but he snaps: “Don’t touch me!”

'Don't touch me'

‘Don’t touch me’

Luckily, Asa is nearby, who strolls past with a Trump-Pence sign.

“Trump’s a real New Yorker and a real American. The media prints false stuff. Trump is for the American people.”



He’s cut off by a guy walking past, who says: “Is he for the African-American people? You’re fulla shit, pal.”

“Hey, fuck you!” Asa responds.

A woman in a ballgown attached to a gigantic Trump-octopus costume parades past, cutting us off, and Asa goes on his way shouting about the wall.