There are many reasons #WhyWomenDontReport. This is why it’s important they do

A guide by two girls who spoke out

The internet has spent its day scrutinizing the credibility – and motives – of women who suffer the unwanted advances of men like Donald Trump.

Trump supporters got the #NextFakeTrumpVictim hashtag trending in the morning, countered hours later by people tweeting about #WhyWomenDontReport.


This advice is from two girls who have been sexually assaulted. They may not be beauty pageant winners and their assaulters may not be famous business men, but they recently mustered up the courage to speak openly about what happened to them.

Both of them are college students in the US, and their message to every girl who is afraid to come forward, including the ‘#NextFakeTrumpVictim‘, is clear: Don’t hold back.

It will make you stronger

“People might not believe you and that’s hard at first,” says the first girl we spoke to. “People will ask you insensitive questions about the details and blame you for the horrible things that have happened.

“But eventually, little by little, it will start to hurt less and you’ll start to realize this awful thing that happened to you doesn’t define you and can be used to make you stronger.”

You are worth so much more

“Always remember you are worth so much more than the horrible things that happened to you and find a close group of people who can help you through it,” says the second girl who spoke to babe.

“Try not to read to far into the insensitive comments because they come out of a place of ignorance. Try to use your voice to help those in the same position and I promise one day you’ll look back and this tragedy will only be a blip on your beautiful life.”

People are uneducated

“Ignore the victim blaming – people are uneducated and are not taught how to treat people who have endured trauma.”

You are helping others

“From chatting to people after I spoke out about my experience, I think one of the most eye opening comments I’ve received is that by coming forward, you are helping. You’re helping stop the train of sexual assault from that person.

“You’re helping others realize it’s OK to speak up.”