Bob Dylan and 10 other men won Nobel Prizes today. Women got a tweet

We’re so proud!

Today marks a day of celebration for all masters of knowledge, including Bob Dylan, as the 2016 Nobel Prize winners have been fully announced.

And despite half of the most brilliant people in the world being women, probably a lot more, none of the Nobel judging committees could find a woman accomplished enough in their field to win the historic prize.

But women’s efforts were by no means ignored. The prize committee found it within them to photoshop together a montage of the 14 women who have won the Literature prize, and tweet it.

In the 115 years of the Nobel Prize, only 48 women have been recognized for outstanding achievement and contribution to society.

Last year, less than a fifth of winners were women, and in 2014 it was a similar story with just 15 percent of winners being women.

It’s not just one sexist board making these decisions. The selection process is pretty fucking extensive, going through national assembly members, The International Court of Justice and university professors before even getting to the Nobel Prize board.

In fact this year, seven women were shortlisted for the Nobel Peace Prize, including the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom – but surprise, surprise, none of these quite made the cut.

Instead, Columbia’s President, Juan Manuel Santos, was awarded the prize for “his resolute efforts to bring the country’s more than 50-year-long civil war to an end” – even though his efforts have just been rejected by his own people.

And despite many excellent candidates, no single woman has won the Nobel Prize for physics in over 50 years.

Academic research published this month found women actually have to wait for the next generation of Nobel Prize judges before they’re recognized for their scientific research, where men just wait a few years.

Good luck next year ladies. Maybe we’ll get an Instagram post!