THREE news outlets just published fresh claims about Trump’s treatment of women

The New York Times, CBS and the Palm Beach Post just carpet-bombed the embattled candidate

Three more women have come forward tonight with claims about Donald Trump’s unwanted and unwarranted touching.

After the release of a tape from 2005 where Donald Trump is heard saying he could “grab [women] by the pussy,” and “do anything” to women, an outcry of claims have surfaced against the presidential nominee.

Jessica Leeds, now 74, told The New York Times she sat next to Trump on a flight over three decades ago. “His hands were everywhere,” she said, claiming Trump tried to put his hand up her skirt and grabbed her breasts.

Another women, Rachel Crooks, was also prompted to tell her story while watching Sunday’s debate. She told The New York Times Trump “kissed her directly on the mouth,” when she introduced herself to him as a colleague. Crooks said “It felt like a violation.”

Jason Miller of the Trump campaign said: “This entire article is fiction, and for the New York Times to launch a completely false, coordinated character assassination against Mr. Trump on a topic like this is dangerous.”


Trump’s “locker room talk” further urged Mindy McGillvray to speak up about the time Trump groped her in his Palm Beach palace 13 years ago. She had told her photographer at the time: “Donald just grabbed my ass!”

Trump continues to deny claims made against him, as more and more pour in.


Following this morning’s reports of Trump walking into teen girls changing at a beauty pageant, a 1992 Christmas feature shows him saying he would be dating one of the 10-year old girls in the video.

Trump was also said to have “strolled in” to a Miss USA pageant changing room full of contestants – most being topless or naked.