Over two-thirds of American students will vote for Hillary Clinton

And just 20 percent for Trump

The Tab

This week, The Tab launched a nationwide poll of America’s students to give a snapshot of who they plan to vote for one month before the election.

Over 4,300 students across the States answered, and it looks like they plan to vote for Hillary Clinton in overwhelming numbers.

Sixty-seven percent of those who responded said they would vote for Hillary if the election were held today.

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Just 20 percent said they would vote for Donald Trump, followed by Gary Johnson at eight percent.

Two percent said they would cast their vote for Jill Stein – even less than three percent of the other responses, which included “I still don’t know” and “I’m not voting.”

These figures provide a broad brushstroke of how America’s youth vote – a crucial demographic this election – will vote on November 8th.