Babes who killed it on the internet this week

They really dgaf

Every week babes from all over the world kill it, and we find them slaying all over the internet. This week we had Gigi Hadid showing that she dgaf and shouldn’t be attacked, as well as older babe Hillary Clinton calling out Trump for being sexist in the most public way ever.

Here’s the low down of the best babes this week:

Emma Watson

This. Girl. Can.

Needless to say, our babe Emma killed it at the HeForShe anniversary event at the UN last week. She said everything we’ve ever wanted to hear and even promised to crack down on campus sexual violence through changing university policies.

It’s not all about this event though because this weekend, Emma showcased a short film she’s been working on called Hurdles. The clip explains a whole bunch of challenges women still face using footage from the 1964 women’s Olympics hurdles final.

Gigi Hadid

It’s runway season, fashion week after fashion week, so it was only natural that Gigi was going to slay all – but it wasn’t down to her sassy walk.

The internet blew up this week when Gigi defended herself against prankster Vitalii Seduik who thought it was okay to pick her up as she left the MaxMara show in Milan. Gigi didn’t need her bodyguard, instead she showed Seduik that she dgaf and fought her way out of his grasp.

Responding to claims she “lashed out”, Gigi said: “How dare a man think he has the right to man-handle a complete stranger?”

You go girl.

Linda Culpepper

If you didn’t see the video of three-year-old Linda this week then you’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

This mini babe made her internet debut this week when her dad filmed the two of them as he did her hair and it’s possibly the best video content online this week, maybe this month. The little cutie teaches her dad to do her hair and whilst at it, she doesn’t stop telling him how much she loves him and what a great job he’s doing.

She’s cute af, she’s encouraging and she sets a better example than the majority of people older than her.

Justin Trudeau

Because sometimes, men can slay too.

The world’s most loveable politician stood alongside Emma Watson at the HeForShe conference and become the HeForShe Champion For Youth. He also, in two languages, laid down the law about gender equality saying: “When women and girls get ahead, everyone does better in society.” And pointed out that men are fundamental in the fight towards gender equality.

He’s always in our hearts, but this week was something special.

Angelina Jolie

We’ve all been through a break-up, but waving farewell to 10 years of Brangelina was a bit of a heart breaker this week. But quickly turning off the tears, and staying out of the cheating allegations, Angelina has been fighting for sole custody of the pair’s six kids and has allegedly blocked Brad’s number.

She don’t need no man.

Hillary Clinton

Hills obviously keeps doing it for the gals but this week was total female domination when she released a new campaign ad calling Trump out for being sexist af.

The ad features girls and women looking into the mirror, with a voice over of Trump being a top class twat, saying things like: “a person who is flat-chested is very hard to be a ten”.

Kim K

This week Kim did more than just look sassy with North West.

This week was the week we said R.I.P. to the bra, and it was down to Kim K. We’ve all grown to hate the hideous, uncomfortable, rigid structures of bras and so many gals have waved goodbye to their drawers full of Victoria’s Secret has-beens, but it was Kim who bared all this week, ripping off her gaffer tape and freeing her nipples.

She literally said: “I just don’t GAF, LOL” – and now everyone’s following suit.