Everything to expect when you go to Virginia Beach

Get ready for burned feet and sleepy sun naps

Going to the beach is the most iconic summer activity. Whether you love it or hate it, if you’re living in the South, chances are you’ll need to find at least one body of water to survive the incessant heatwave.

One summer spot is Virginia Beach, which is about twenty minutes outside the city of Norfolk. Virginia Beach, with the exception of holidays like fourth of July, is definitely worthy of a visit.

Two words – road trip

So what makes it special? One reason is because it’s an easy drive from most points.

If you live in the Richmond area, for instance, the two hour drive there isn’t bad at all.


Because trash isn’t cool

Virginia Beach is actually kept very clean. There are plenty of beaches in the world littered with trash, dead fish, algae, and things that made the water look so dirty you wouldn’t dream of dipping your toe in it. Virginia Beach, on the other hand, is clean and feels great when you get in on a hot summers day.

On the downside, unlike Myrtle Beach,  the water at Virginia Beach is freezing at the beginning of the year. But by August the water can feel great – the best when the temperature is up in the 90s.

Perfect place for friend pics

Perfect place for friend pics

Bring an umbrella

You don’t have to brave the water to have fun. Just sleeping on the beach is just as good. You just have to make sure you don’t fall asleep in the blazing sun – or of course you may be a little sore when you wake up from your nap.

Bring a small umbrella to provide yourself with some shade but make sure you secure it because if you don’t it will almost definitely fly away. If you’re unlucky, you’ll end up racing after it to catch it before it hurts someone and end up with scorched feet. The sand can get so hot that walking – or running – on it without shoes is unbearable.

Bring change for the parking meter

Also, unless you are staying at a hotel which provides parking, make sure you bring change for the parking meters. There are numerous parking lots that will charge anywhere from $10-$20 on the touristy part of the beach. That isn’t bad for an all day parking, but if you come during a weekend or a holiday some lots will charge as much as $40.

You may be lucky and park by a meter, but then there’s going to be a heavy amount of change needed – and pro tip, none of the stores on the strip will give you any change for your money.

For the “I like the beach but not the actual beach” people

A lot of people love the beach but hate the sand.

Directly at the ocean front, there is a huge boardwalk that stretches over 30 blocks. If you start on the street where the statue of King Neptune is you will just barely be able to see the pier, and the boardwalk continues even after that.

The set up is actually pretty cool. It’s packed with restaurants, bars, hookah bars, clubs, and attractions such as haunted houses and mini golf courses that are open 24 hours a day, plus a ton more.

neptune 1

If you look at me standing, the beach and the boardwalk are to my right, and the strip will be to my left

Vibrant night life

If you don’t want to go partying at night you can enjoy a nice walk on the beach or boardwalk, or go to the other side of strip.  There are people who perform anything from magic tricks, to stunts, and music and it’s all paid for by Virginia Beach.

If you want to go out there is numerous clubs and bars on the strip that you can hit. It’s easy walking distance away from pretty much any hotel so you can drink if you want without having to worry about driving. Just make sure you don’t get too rowdy and curse because cursing at Virginia Beach – if you run into a police officer who’s is having a bad night – can get you fined!

beach pic

Those signs are everywhere but she obviously doesn’t care for rules