Who is Austin Harrouff, the fitness freak sophomore who killed two people on Monday?

#beast #piano #eatbig #boss #arnold #body #face – what can we learn from the FSU bodybuilder’s Instagram and YouTube?

Austin Harrouff is a number of things. A 19-year-old sophomore at FSU. A brother in the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. A body-building enthusiast. An aspiring musician. And now, the brutal killer of two people in his hometown of Jupiter, FL.

Late Monday night, a neighbor of John Stevens and Michelle Mischon called 911 about a young man attacking him and his neighbors in their quiet neighborhood. When police arrived, Harrouff was looming over Stevens, biting his face while Mischon lay dead in their garage. It took three deputies, multiple tasers and a police K9 to remove Harrouff from Stevens and detain him. Stevens and Mischon were pronounced dead on the scene, while Harrouff is still in the hospital in stable condition.

A delve into Harrouff’s social media accounts over the past few weeks offer a depiction of a normal teenager, offering no indication of what was to come.

Harrouff, who until recently idolized Arnold Schwarzenegger, has a fitness Instagram and a YouTube channel. Fairly popular in the fitness scene, his Instagram, BicepBible, has over 4,000 followers. He’s also got a YouTube channel, which contains videos of himself speaking about fitness and his passion for bodybuilding.

An aspiring rapper, Harrouff’s YouTube channel also contains music off of his mixtape “Make Trap Great Again“, with songs (of the autotune-trap variety) under the pseudonym “Austifrosti”, including TVDinner and TrappinOutDaGarage.

When showing his more inspirational side, Harrouff has talked about the unnecessary usage of drugs and steroids in bodybuilding culture. He describes steroids as not being natural, beneficial, nor necessary to his life or anyone else’s. In a recent video made in August, Harrouff says:

“I just want to let you know I came to a realization of something, I no longer want to follow Arnold or any other body builder, I want to follow myself, I want to actually believe in myself… I just know that they’re not me, I know what’s right for me. I don’t need drugs. I know that they can change me, but the thing is, that’s not being healthy, you know? Being healthy is what’s natural, you know? Do you think steroids are natural? Who knows, you know? Who knows. You think steroids would be beneficial, who knows? But for me, I know that, I don’t know, but, I think that, steroids really aren’t for me, honestly, I used to think that, I needed steroids to be a body builder, to be this thing, this symbol, to be this… why, you know? All I need is, really, just to learn, learn from everything.”

He also explains to his viewers why he doesn’t do steroids in a video entitled “Why I don’t do steroids”. In it, Harrouff says:

“Why I don’t do steroids, the reason is, I don’t want to, I don’t feel like it will be beneficial to me to do steroids. It just wouldn’t because it damages my health, I feel like I have to depend on it every day, that’s a life not worth living to me. I figure it like this, why not just be comfortable looking and being healthy, thats what makes me satisfied. I’m not saying steroids are bad, if you want to do them go ahead man, I’m just saying this, appreciate your fitness and your muscles.”

A seemingly average 19-year old aspiring rapper, it appears to be a haunting coincidence that the description of Harrouff’s channel reads: “This that fuck around music y’all been hearing about. I’ve got a psycho side and a normal side. I’ve lost my mind help me find it.”

In the light of the events of the past week, it’s also unnerving that his Twitter cover photo is a close-up of his teeth.

As Harrouff lies in a hospital bed and the town of Jupiter grieves, there is still so much to learn about the shocking events of the past week.