We don’t care what you think about our piercings

We get it – it’s hard being so hardcore

As women we are held up to countless standards of beauty, and being pure and unmarked is a huge one.

When we break the stereotype, people are weirded out – but we get it. It’s hard being so hardcore.

It’s been said that beauty is pain, and if a needle piercing through the skin is what it takes to get that cute jewelry, then so be it.

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The elderly might freak out, and our parents might think it’s trashy, but we love it.

If it heightens our confidence, and makes us happy, then we don’t give a fuck what you think.

To prove this, I asked a few wonderfully pierced ladies for their input on body modification and why they take part in it.

Katie Gugler, 18, Long Island, New York


“Do what will make you feel comfortable in your skin. Do what makes you happy. Your happiness and comfort is what truly matters.

“My piercings and tattoos make me feel more like myself, like it’s how my body is supposed to be. The only people who matter are the ones that are happy that you’re happy. Don’t base your life around other people’s opinions.”

Katherine Suazo, 17, Kearny, New Jersey


“I feel like my body mod is completely normal to have. I enjoy having it on me, and it makes me feel different.

“A lot of society views it as something creepy. They think it is taboo or disgusting, but some people really enjoy it too. It varies with the crowd.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman. If you like the way it looks, society shouldn’t decide what you’re going to do. When I have a kid, I will totally support it.”

Lauren Soulsby, 23, North East, England


“My piercings symbolize achievement or new beginnings, as I tend to get new piercings at certain milestones in my life.

“I adore piercings on anyone, but society seems to think people with piercings are aggressive, weird, or rebellious, and that doesn’t help with employment.

“You can get retainers to hide them. For work, I would suggest getting a retainer before a job interview.”

Patricia McKnight, 38, Winnipeg, Manitoba


“I work at a tattoo shop, which means I can look however I want.

“Out in the general public, I often wonder why people are staring at me. I feel more myself, with tattoos and piercings than without, so I forget I am kind of weird looking to other people.

“I am happiest when I have new mods, so when people stare, I just smile at them. My favorite reaction is when I hold a door open for a little old lady.”

Endi Jones, 21, Passaic, New Jersey


“Most people obsess over clothes and shoes. My body mods are my obsession. They give me confidence not only because they are an extra permanent accessory, but because the decision to get them was one hundred percent my choice and no one else’s.

“I feel especially good about them because I’ve chosen to modify parts of my body I wasn’t always the most confident about. Now, I feel these parts of my body are the most beautiful – especially my septum. It’s not only cute but empowering.”

Debby Bolliger, 24, Gilbert, Arizona


“I find my piercings make me feel strong. Each one means something to me. It symbolizes that I can be what I want to be.

“Just like picking to have long hair or wear only dresses, this symbolizes what I like and believe in.”

Xion Sunderland, 22, Brampton, Ontario


“As a woman with 42 piercings and 16 tattoos, I feel as confident and myself as ever. It’s a form of expression, art, and creativity for me. Body modification is my practice, and very much my life.

“Society has claimed body modification as taboo, and that only ‘criminals’ and ‘freaks’ have them. I exist to inform and educate people on the subject – your body is a canvas, use it.”

Danielle Sheldrick, 16, Kearny, New Jersey

13936575_1189652531097776_1216875684_n“I’m told I have to cover up and stay modest and respectable. I’m told that I’m not allowed to have tattoos because I am a woman. I’m told that piercings look ‘trashy,’ and that people are grossed out by my stretched ears.

“I love my facial piercings. My nose ring brings out the color in my eyes, and my hair shows off my stretched ears perfectly. I am way more confident and happy with myself now that everything is all healed.

“If anyone’s interested in facial piercings but can’t have them for work, I recommend septum piercings since they’re easy to hide.”

Virginia Faith, 26, Albany, Georgia


“I’m a salon manager/ hair stylist and love the freedom my career allows me in expressing myself. I currently only have my septum pierced, but I’ve been dying for another hole.

“I was very fearful of getting my septum done because it’s the ‘bull ring’ and I’m not exactly a thin woman, but I love everything about it. It’s important to remember that body mods aren’t for everyone – they are for you, and mine have always given me that extra edge of confidence.”

Victoria Mercado, 21, Tucson, Arizona 


“I am a mother of 2. I have purple and black hair. My ears are stretched to an inch. I have my septum, my tongue, and my ear is riddled with piercings. I have also had both nostrils pierced, and my lip pierced 4 times.

“You are so unique and lovely. As long as you love you, no one else’s opinion should matter.

“The only one that matters is the one that looks back at you in the mirror. No matter how many rings you have in your face, you are gorgeous.”

Mimmi Oisti, 23, Tampere, Finland


“I’ve always had this punk rock kind of ‘fuck what other people think’ attitude. Sometimes though I’ve felt pretty insecure and self-conscious about my piercings because of my work.

“In the end, I’ve always thought my labor input should be more important than how I look.”

Nyeree Boyodijan, 17, Queens, New York


“Body modification is the most beautiful way to express yourself regardless of your gender. It is a safe outlet for creativity and doesn’t hurt anyone.

“People will judge you no matter what you’re doing, so nothing matters as long as you’re happy.”

Though the idea of piercings may be different in everyone’s mind, rock what you got and don’t let anyone put you down for being beautiful!