Being a host at Cracker Barrel is the best job in the world

Great food and better people

Ever find yourself craving some good ole southern cooking and a genuine taste of the old south? Look no further than Cracker Barrel.


Modeled after old general stores, Cracker Barrel offers fun gifts, candies, glass-bottle sodas, southern hospitality, and delicious southern cooking.


So what’s it like actually working for a company like Cracker Barrel? Amazing.

The menu is chock-full of southern classics, so eating at work is the best

From grits to fried chicken, Cracker Barrel specializes in good ole southern comfort food. It always makes a restaurant job way better when you can eat where you work.

The staff is exemplary of southern hospitality


Cracker Barrel prides itself on being hospitable. I have yet to be in a Cracker Barrel in which I was treated poorly by the staff. They really make you feel like a guest in their home rather than a customer in their business.

This carries over to how the staff treats each other, as well. We help each other out.

All you see are smiling faces all day

As a host, you greet people and take them to their seats and then don’t really see them again until they leave, so you’re seeing them at, what is most likely, their happiest moments. They come in, excited for food and leave happy and full. It’s wonderful when you get to spend a shift with nothing but happy guests.

You get to look at gorgeous displays like this all day


If you’ve never been into an old-time general store, the retail store at Cracker Barrel is an excellent taste of what it’s like. Not only can you find toys, some clothes, and nice gifts, but also food, candy, beverages, and movies.

The displays are gorgeous and fun. It’s so tempting to spend most of my paycheck there.


They have a front porch equipped with tons of rocking chairs


The only thing more southern than passing time on a rocker on the front porch is sweet tea. Even if you have to wait a while for your table, you can pass the time relaxing on the porch just like at home.

When I’m not on the clock, I love sitting on the porch, reading.

The queen of country music, herself, even loves it


Not only has she partnered with Cracker Barrel in the past to release some of her music, among other things, but she also has expressed her love for the restaurant. She’s said before that it’s like a piece of home when she’s traveling.

You know you work in a genuinely southern place when the queen of country, herself, approves.

Whether you’re traveling and homesick or just want to experience a small bit of the south, Cracker Barrel has you covered.

You can experience the delicious comfort food of the southern United States, be reminded of an older time, and shop in a genuine old-country store.