I did the 100 coats of foundation challenge

My skin has never felt so violated

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, I’m sure you’ve seen YouTube’s newest obsession “The 100 Coats Challenge.”

From “Nail Polish Mountain” to “100 layers of liquid lipstick,” and even “100 layers of shirts,” this fad has literally taken over the internet. So naturally, I decided to give this challenge a try and prayed that my skin wouldn’t hate me for it.

One hundred layers of liquid foundation was the challenge, and damn was I in for it.

Starting off with a clean fresh face with only a bit of my daily moisturizer and some primer, I decided to just dive right in.

My skin before the torture

It became almost immediately apparent that my skin was not having any of it. With my first few layers already caked on, I quickly came to realize that my skin was rejecting each new coat of foundation. By the seventh coat, my expectations of this challenge were completely dispelled. Instead of applying in an oily or slick manner, this foundation merely created a dry and cracking crust over my skin. Disgusting would be an understatement.

As committed as I already was – and with my sister alongside me, working on the eyeliner and lipstick challenge – I decided to carry on. Getting into a bit of a routine with our application, we even took to using our hair dryer as a way to quickly dry and seal in each new layer of makeup.

Wasting our entire day away, the routine had transformed into stippling or smearing on a new coat of makeup, blow drying our faces, and then repeating the whole process again, and again, and again.

Committed to getting it done

Layer after layer of foundation, my skin continued to experience an oh-so-unsettling tingling feeling, and I could visibly see my foundation flaking away. By the end of the challenge, I don’t think that my skin had ever felt so violated. With the hours ticking by, neither of us realized just how much time we had wasted while doing this challenge.

Beginning at 2:25 pm, we finally reached coat 100 at 5:54 pm. That’s right, it took us three and a half hours to successfully make ourselves look like complete fools for the pure enjoyment of the internet. So worth it.

Crusty af

Reaching coat 100 was without a doubt one of the most relieving feelings ever. Just knowing that I could finally remove all of this crusted over, manufactured gunk on camera was satisfying enough for me. Scraping and peeling the layers of makeup off of our faces, I’ve never seen something so revolting in my life.

Using my fingers to first remove the foundation, the texture felt as if I had stuck my fingers into an entire jar of crunchy peanut butter. As the foundation had melted and settled into every crevice of my skin, it was surprisingly much more difficult to remove these endless layers of foundation than it was to apply them.

It took four makeup remover wipes, two thorough washes, one charcoal mask, and an extra half an hour to remove all of this makeup from the depths of my skin. And even after all of that my skin is still recovering.

So now you must be wondering, was all of this stupidity worth ruining my clear skin? Yes, yes it was. Although greatly time consuming, this challenge proved to me that I have never experienced true indulgence before. Thus after completing this challenge, I can honestly say that I have never felt more beautiful.

So if you’re still asking yourself, “How can I possibly be any more glamorous?” the 100 coats of foundation challenge is definitely your answer. For more ideas, just take a look and bask in the glory of YouTube’s most ridiculous creations to date.