Trump is polling terribly with young people

Research shows him in fourth place after Gary Johnson and Jill Stein

Trump has less sway among young people than the Green Party and the Libertarians, says a new poll.

According to a recent McClatchy survey, Donald Trump is only pulling one in 10 votes — just nine percent — of Americans under 30.

Hillary Clinton leads with 41 percent, while Gary Johnson is at 23 percent and Jill Stein is at 16 percent. This means Trump is almost tied with the eight percent of undecided voters.


There’s a trend here – a Fox News poll, which didn’t include Stein, shows Hillary sitting easy at 50 percent, with Trump at 23 percent. He has just a four point lead on Johnson at 19 percent. Pew Research’s figures found Gary Johnson ahead of Trump by one percent among 18-29 year olds.

Even more shocking (or maybe it’s not shocking), 82 percent of young people have an unfavorable opinion of him.

Although people tend to believe we live in a system where only two parties can prevail, young people have something else to say. It is very unlikely Gary Johnson or Jill Stein could win, and third party candidates tend to poll better before election day, but it makes a statement that so few young people are willing to vote for Trump.

These figures come after what has become known as his “week from hell”, with included a scandal with the Khan family, a feud with the GOP elite, and some odd comments in which he seemed to want to use nukes.