Stop telling women who do makeup tutorials they were prettier before makeup

It doesn’t take the whole day to put on makeup, and it’s not a waste of time

Every single time I look at a makeup tutorial or an innocent video of a girl doing her makeup (glam style or otherwise), I find comments below saying: “she looked better before all that makeup” or “why waste all your time on something like this?”

The answer is pretty obvious: it’s enjoyable for some, and above all, it’s art. Any type of art requires time, patience, and a wide variety of tools, of course.

One out the approximately 50 makeup brushes I own.

One out the approximately 50 makeup brushes I own.

I can’t seem to think of a reason why you would even watch makeup tutorials if you think makeup is useless to begin with, but it all boils down to makeup being something fulfilling. Applying makeup to other people is literally a career option, so why do some people mock it?

I can understand the argument for not needing to wear makeup to impress other people, but that’s not the case for the majority of women. There are many women who wear makeup to feel confident in their own skin, and there are many women who wear makeup just because it looks nice.

That contour tho...

That contour tho…

Regardless of the reason, other than it being so incredibly rude to make someone feel inferior because of a video, it is no one’s place to say how much makeup is too much.

Yes someone can be beautiful before confusion here.

Yes someone can be beautiful before makeup…no confusion here.

Some rude comments appear on videos of women with acne doing their makeup. It may be hard to keep in mind, but many adults suffer from cystic acne, acne that can linger for years after being a teenager and pop up during hormonal breakouts. In cases like this, makeup is a tool to gain back confidence. You would think no one could be rude enough to want to take away someone’s recovered confidence, but look no further than the comment section on makeup tutorials for countless examples.

Beauty can start with whatever the person chooses. And it’s *confident.

A main point to take away from this is that someone can still love how they look, and still want to wear makeup. Makeup shouldn’t be shamed, it should be celebrated. The beauty industry is flourishing now more than ever and some brands have even began to create products that are environmentally friendly and cruelty free. It may not seem like makeup alone could cause such a revolution, but makeup artists and women who just enjoy the beautiful looks they can create, create a community with a positive mission.

Fellow Babe writer, Chloe, rocking her cat eye look.

Fellow Babe writer, Chloe, rocking her cat eye look.

By far the worse comments are the ones that say you should take your girlfriend swimming on the first date if she wears makeup. Women can choose to wear however much makeup they want. It’s the inner beauty that matters. No makeup, a little makeup, or a ton of makeup, should all be accepted.

I wanted to get an opinion from a makeup artist to see what kind of criticism occurs from posting tutorials and pictures of their artwork on social media. I spoke with YouTuber Guilianna Maria (@Guilianna Maria) about her experience with comments.

Guilianna has almost 8,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Guilianna has almost 8,000 subscribers on YouTube.

She has received comments from both men and women, but she thinks you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

“I think women are definitely judged for wearing a lot of makeup. Other women typically call those girls fake and stuff. Then girls who wear a lot of makeup reply by calling girls plain for not wearing any makeup” she explained. Guilianna also added “[g]uys often judge girls for both, and have their preferences on what they find attractive. But all in all, makeup is a form of expression and everyone should be able to wear it or not wear it in order to feel pretty, feel free, and feel like themselves.”

One of Guilianna's Instagram posts.

One of Guilianna’s Instagram posts.

Her overall philosophy is that “It’s their face, not yours, why the fuck do you care so much? It’s just another dumb bullying tactic…usually don’t respond but it basically comes down to the fact that I didn’t ask for their opinion and it doesn’t really matter to me anyways.”

Whether you’re a YouTuber who shows your art to the world or you do makeup for your own enjoyment, it’s obvious that makeup isn’t something frivolous or wrong with this generation.