Charleston, SC is by far the best vacation spot

Don’t forget to visit the legendary Rainbow Row

If you’ve never been to Charleston, South Carolina, you better start planning a trip. I’ve been three times this year and I’m still not tired of the town.

This is why Charleston is without a doubt the best vacation spot in the South.

The shopping options are GLORIOUS

King Street has every store a girl could want. I’m pretty sure it’s around a mile of stores, a shopping addict’s heaven. Oh, and there are places for dudes to go as well (I think…?). Just don’t forget to wear your walking shoes and prepare yourself for an intense round of shopping. Charleston is no joke.

There are so many beaches


There are a lot of beach options. After you’ve had your share of downtown, you go to the beach. Which one do you pick? Doesn’t matter. The beach is the beach is the beach is the beach. They are all so beautiful. I like these beaches better than others because they usually aren’t as crowded and they definitely aren’t as trashy.

Charleston is most definitely the best city in South Carolina. It is the prettiest in my opinion and it’s cool because it has that “haunted” feel to it. All the bridges are neat and the beachy vibes are nice. You basically travel by bridge in Charleston. The only problem? The high cost of everything.

Breakdown of the area


Daniel Island is not for vacationers. It’s kind of like the Staten Island of the South in that a bunch of rich people inhabit it and there’s not all that much to do. It is gorgeous, though. Summerville is nice and it has more of the “family” feel to it. A lot of neighborhoods with a lot of grocery stores.

Downtown is definitely the most exciting part of the city. The buildings are unique because they are preserved rather than modernized and some streets are still cobblestone. However, there is a healthy mix of modernized stores and historic sites.

The food


Charleston has a lot of food options. You have all of the basics, lots of seafood places and awesome desserts. I went to Kaminsky’s downtown and ordered all chocolate everything. It was so nice. You should try a place in Mt. Pleasant called “King Street Grille” – it was delish but a little pricey.

Overall, I would definitely recommend you visit. Go in late fall and everything will still be beautiful but there may be less people. There is so much stuff to do, you just have to be smart with your money. Maybe don’t eat out every day? If you know someone there, stay with them and save boatloads of money (boatloads…get it?).

You have to visit the Charleston Battery, but make sure you don’t go to the Charleston Battery soccer stadium on Daniel Island like my sister and I did…