I tried the ‘Barbie Drag’ look so you don’t have to

Just a Barbie queen in a drag world

After watching this video and seeing this drag look for the first time it’s safe to say that I was intimidated. My makeup routine is usually pretty simple – a little foundation, mascara, and eyeshadow and I am good to go.

Other girls might spend an eternity on their makeup, whereas I’d rather just play up my most impressive features and get on with life.

Even though I wasn’t sure whether I’d look like Britney Spears or an Oompa Loompa, I decided to give it a shot.

Thirty seconds in and I’m already thinking that I will not recognize myself after the video is done. The youtube star doesn’t even appear to be the same after the finished product. She surprises herself with her “Barbie look” later on in the video.

She starts off by coating her face with foundation and then piling on the more intense contours for a barbie bronzed look.

I followed her technique but I couldn’t quite look as great as she did. To be honest I looked as if I rolled around in the mud before I blended it in. Luckily, post-blend, I didn’t quite look as ridiculous.

Unsurprisingly, the bronzer was key to the entire success of the look, but you should really try not to overdo it – at one point I started to look orange, which even for this tutorial was a bit much.

Next, use a technique called “baking” where a tonne of highlighter is piled on to brighten up the look. I used my NYX highlighters and found myself looking almost normal after adding in the highlight.

Next step, it was time to  emphasise the eyes. The last time I used this much eyeshadow was when I was in fifth grade and threw on every color of the rainbow.

Somehow, I got a very bronzed and orange eye, and was quite impressed.

Once I finished I didn’t even recognize myself. I still prefer my everyday look but drag wasn’t as intimidating as I imagined and it actually looked good from far away.

The finished product was okay in the end. maybe it’s the headband and bleach blonde hair that really completes the Barbie look.

It kind of just looked like I was extremely bad at putting on makeup.