Hillary is unmistakably, without a doubt imperfect – but that doesn’t mean she can’t lead

Put things into perspective

After the Democratic National Convention ended last week, tensions were running high and the stakes were even higher. With endorsements for Hillary Clinton from every notable speaker and leader, things are looking good for the Democrat candidate.

Unfortunately, the DNC was not the public scene of unity it tried so hard to be. Conflict and enragement clouded the event that was meant to celebrate Hillary’s status as the official Democratic candidate. A lot of this ambiguous ambiance stemmed from Hillary’s strained and controversial public profile, from her ongoing email scandal to her apparent superficiality. Some dislike her because they think she cannot be trusted with America’s future. Others think she is only successful because of her husband’s achievements. Many more believe Bernie Sanders should have been the Democrat nominee.

No, Hillary Clinton isn’t the prime Democrat presidential nominee. She is flawed in many ways: the email scandal could have been completely prevented. She tries too hard to appeal to the younger generation by trying to speak their language (no, Hillary – that is not how you use Snapchat). Her husband was the 42nd president of the United States, and she is rich in resources, support, and endorsement – but she is unmistakably, without a doubt imperfect.

But that doesn’t mean she can’t lead.

Hillary Clinton is a smart, well educated woman. She is intelligent and passionate. She has great experience in government, having served as Secretary of State and First Lady. She has a wealth of knowledge about how a country can reform itself to be better simply because she has been a part of the political scene for so long. Besides this, much of Hillary’s campaign aims to better the lives of Americans, particularly vulnerable groups like children, women, people with disabilities, the poor, the old, and more. Hillary has been an activist for much of her life. And she truly cares about America. Also, let’s not forget that if Hillary wins this election, the United States will elect their first female president.


Well, you may say. I’m still not convinced.

What if we then took a look at the man that Hillary Clinton is running against? Put things into a little more perspective?

Donald Trump is a racist ego-maniac who has fed off other people’s lives to better his own. His views on how to “Make America Great Again” are ludicrous without a doubt. His immigration policies destroy all the principles that this nation was founded upon. He has been known to downgrade women, Muslims, Latinos, the disabled, the media, and African-Americans (just take a look at this infographic compiled by the New York Times on all the people and places Trump has insulted on Twitter alone). The Trump campaign has slowly and steadily grown amid national outcry and outrage.

Here’s a simple fact for you: If you let your anger and trust issues stop you from voting for Hillary or voting altogether, Donald Trump is going to win. He will be this country’s next leader. He will run the United States like one of his businesses, devoid of concern or conscience. And it will be all your fault.

It will be your fault because you decided not to vote for a candidate who made a few mistakes (and don’t try to act like you’ve never messed up). It will be your fault for not caring enough about the many people that Trump has hurt through his campaign. It will be your fault for letting your anger and disappointment over Bernie’s loss cloud your better judgement and lose all hope.

It will be your fault for giving up on your country.

So, I urge you to vote. I urge you to vote for Hillary Clinton not necessarily because she is the best candidate the Democratic party has ever seen (because she isn’t, by a long shot). I urge you to vote for Hillary despite it all to protect America from the abhorrent nightmare that is Donald Trump.

I urge you to vote for Hillary Clinton.