Everything you need to perfect your going out look

Because we all spend too much time picking out an outfit

Every girl knows the struggle of putting together the perfect outfit for a specific occasion. Although you may have several closets to look through when you head back to college, it still takes a good amount of time to make sure your outfit is on point.

When you wear an outfit you love, you exude feelings of confidence and happiness the second you walk into the room. And what’s better than feeling amazing when you enter a social scene?

Choosing the right outfit can be time consuming for many, so here’s a guide to help narrow down your options.

A frat party look

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Grab a cute pair of jeans from your (or a friend’s) closet and throw on a T-shirt, crop-top, or body suit. Although a solid top can suffice, a printed top is eye-catching and makes your outfit stand out.

A black chocker has the power to make any look edgier, so if you want to pull one off, go for it! And always remember to bring a jacket to top off the look, but be sure to hold onto it or find a good hiding spot, because it is easy to misplace! If you tend to lose jackets, go with a fracket, a jacket you don’t care about.

A ‘darty’ look

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This look is definitely the most casual of the bunch. Graphic tees definitely get the most compliments. Instead of tucking in a T-Shirt in or leaving it out, tie one side of the shirt into a knot. This transforms any regular T-Shirt into a custom crop-top.

Put on a pair of jean shorts and comfortable shoes because you will be on your feet for the entire day party. To finish the look, find your favorite reflector sunglasses, and you’re good to go!

A bar look


A crop-top is always the way to go. Pull out your favorite one and a pair of high-wasted jeans. Don’t be afraid to keep your go-to pair of skinny jeans in the closet though. Flare jeans are back in style and pair well with wedges. Add another dimension to the outfit with a belt and jewelry.

A birthday dinner look


It’s your best friend’s birthday, and your friend group is going out to dinner to celebrate. You don’t want to look too fancy, but you definitely don’t want to be too casual. Use your judgement to find an appropriate jumpsuit or dress. And it’s the perfect occasion to show off a cute bralette!

Don’t forget to grab a little bag to stash your phone and cash in.

A cocktail party look

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Sometimes it’s difficult to pick out an outfit that is just fancy enough, but not too fancy.

Without the jacket, this outfit consists of a printed crop-top and jeans. Alone, that would be perfect for a night out at a bar or a frat. But with the addition of the cape jacket, the overall look becomes much more sophisticated.

The right jacket can change the vibe of an entire outfit. Add a wristlet to bring the sophistication level up a notch.

A luncheon look

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If you looked up cute in my dictionary, this ensemble would pop up. Luncheon outfits should be light, comfortable, and fun. White jeans with a top you love can easily be paired with neutral accessories: wedges, a bag, and sunglasses.

No matter what occasion you are headed to, you should never feel that you threw your outfit together last minute. Don’t feel guilty about taking an extra five minutes to make sure you feel and look great in whatever you decide to wear!

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