What’s your biggest guilty pleasure when you’re on your period?

Ten pots of frosting with some cake under it

As a woman, no matter what diet or fitness schedule you are every crazy unhealthy craving comes to life when you’re on your period.

Everything from cheesy fries to goldfish becomes your main source of comfort and happiness. These guilty pleasures satisfy your cravings and make you feel temporarily content while your womb feels like it’s eating itself.

We interviewed some of these women who face these urges every month.

Maggie McMahon, 19, Kensington, MD

“My weirdest guilty pleasure is specifically Hershey chocolate bars and a Diet Coke.”


Natalia Garzon, 18, Bogota, Colombia

“Every time I’m on my period I crave anything greasy. I always order a pepperoni pizza and watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

“There is a scene where Charlie and his grandfather bite on a Wonka chocolate bar, and I love eating a chocolate bar at that exact moment. It makes my cramps go away for a split second at least.”


Erica Jordyn Spaeth, 21, Potomac, Maryland

“Usually I want carbs , so, goldfish would totally be the thing but I try not to eat them.  So, I end up usually eating a whole thing of something like that.”


Victoria Brush, 20, Hertford in Hertfordshire, UK

“When I’m on my period I literally live in my tartan blanket and watch American reality TV all day. I eat so much chocolate cereal and salted popcorn it makes me literally so happy because I just feel so carefree. If it gets really bad however, I’ll have a takeaway and pig out.

“Although I hate my period, it makes me so happy because I don’t care about what I eat and just want to make myself feel better.”


Olivia DeFrances, 21, Boston, MA

” It’s cliche but I would have to say chocolate. I always want chocolate. Personally I think it’s kind of an excuse, cause I want chocolate all the time but I’ll be on my period and be like , “Nope, now I need it!”

Knika Pandey, 19, Jacksonville, FL

“I think it would be eating chocolate but that’s not like weird. I eat Nutella straight outta the box. It makes me feel happy and content for sure.”

Amanda Obando, 19, San Salvador, El Salvador

“I’m very into activating my senses. So i really like Latin American spicy food. Takis fuego are a must but then I feel like my insides burn. But I can also do spicy wings.”


Drashti Patel, 18, Atlanta, GA

“I love to eat the spiciest food. So, I eat a lot of Indian foods that are spicy or make super hot salsa and eat it with chips.”


Ashley Mooney, 20, Philadelphia, PA

“I am a monster when I’m on my period. I need salty and sweet all at the same time so I’ll make the weirdest meals – like a cheese sandwich with Barbeque chips in it and one time I put a chocolate graham cookie in it and tbh, it was delightful. I regret nothing.

“Also, I often binge on a bunch of healthy stuff on my period because I’m convinced it will just cleanse my body of all the crap I put in it, which is completely delusional. I had my period when the picture below was taken and it captures pretty well what a mess I am when I’m on it”.am

If you see us eating a box of any of the above all day, don’t get weirded out by it.

We’re just trying to look out for ourselves.