Bernie supporters are now turning to Jill Stein for hope

‘Voting for the greater good is the only way to change anything’


PHILADELPHIA — The Democratic National Convention has taken a turn for the nasty, with Bernie or Busters proving that they’ll go to the ends of the Earth — or at least the city — to show their disdain for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. We caught up with a few activists throughout to city, some in protests, others in delegations. Some will support the Democratic nominee, others will not. Everyone we met spoke with passion.

Kristen, Sanders delegate from Ohio

You know, I’m not supposed to be saying this, but the DNC threatened to revoke our credentials if we said anything against Hillary. So I’m not saying anything. Especially not if I’ll ever, ever vote for Hillary.

Erin Stillson Wolf, Stein protester

I will be voting for a third party, Jill Stein. I would support Stein or Sanders over any of them. Voting for the greater good is the only way to change anything. Voting for the lesser evil got us here, at the break of a revolt against the Democratic Party and against the two party system. So all this time we’ve been voting for the lesser evil and it’s brought us all the things we were afraid of having. We’ve had overseas wars that’ve bankrupted us. We have political prisoners who aren’t being released. We have so many things we need justice and resolution for, racial justice being a huge one, and we’re just not getting it from the candidates we keep electing from this safe, establishment process.

Richard Cochran, Sanders delegate and protester from New Jersey

I know what I’m going to do, and that’s voting for a Democrat first and foremost. You have to ask, are you a Democrat or just a Bernie supporter. Then what’s the evil that happens if you don’t vote for the Democrat? If you stay home and don’t go to the voting polls that day, will ending up with Trump be worth it? To me, the answer is no, so it’s pretty clear. I’ve been a Bernie supporter for a long time, so I’m pretty disappointed we didn’t get what we wanted, but it’s pretty fair in the end.

Taylor Ray, BLM activist

I’m a Sanders supporter but I’d also happily vote for Jill Stein because I believe that they both support the same platform of equality and planetary liberation. Systemic racism, classism, supporting Wall Street, foreign policy that’s destructive and certainly exacerbates terrorism: these are all issues were fighting against when fighting a Democrat who plays up certain respectability politics. Trump is out in the open. We already know what we’re getting. I’m definitely not voting for him because I’m here to vote for love and that’s why I’m choosing to vote third party. I don’t think either of them are evil, but they are equally misled.

Tatum Barnes, BLM activist

I’m supporting an independent, third party. I will not be voting for Trump or Hillary. Hillary stands for hiding the truth and embodies that slippery, subtle sort of racism were trying to eradicate in this country. I do not believe she’s an ally to me or to black people. She’s as bad as Trump. My vote is for truth and she does not represent that.

Jasmine Rice, Sanders delegate from New York

Bernie speaks my love language, prison reform, women’s rights, keeping money out of politics, helping the 99%, all the things I stand for. But if Bernie’s out, I will support Hillary Clinton. I think that there’s a platform in place and at the end of the day, she’s going to want to run for a second term and she’ll know she needs our support. It’s a give and take, and with Bernie still being present, things still important to us will be negotiable and capable of being seen into fruition. I’m not overly excited, but I know we can hold her accountable.

Karen Locker, Sanders protester

I’m supporting Bernie Sanders, and I have been for a year and a half. I’m here for right now. I’m not saying who I’m voting for in the fall, but I absolutely could be voting for Jill Stein, and it absolutely wouldn’t be throwing away a vote. I vote with my conscience.

Zach Jones, ‘people empowerer’

I’m here because I think any movement where people are mobilizing is a great thing. I’m personally neutral in the great Sanders versus Hillary revolution. I’m just here to give my support to people empowering themselves in a movement and forging their own paths. It’s not about any individual, it’s about the whole, as always.